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Pinedale Online > News > July 2010 > Dig It - The Other Benefits of Gardening (A Local Gardener's Story)
Dig It - The Other Benefits of Gardening (A Local Gardener's Story)
by Sage and Snow Garden Club
July 17, 2010

When I step into my garden my stresses and worries magically melt away. My senses are overtaken by the freshness of the water on leaves, the fresh air, and the pleasant sunshine. Spending a few minutes pulling weeds or planting seeds is meditation with instant gratification.

I have gardened in Wyoming most of my life under the tutoring of my Mom and Dad who are hard working project-oriented people. Part of my love for gardening comes from the memories of working along side them, but another part of it comes from the way nature calms me down and relieves my stress.

I have diligently seen to it that my kids are receiving this same love of gardening so that they too can realize all of the benefits that come from it. Not only are they going to learn where their food comes from and that hard work pays off, but they are also going to be getting vitamin D from the sun to help with their outlook on life and have energy to accomplish their goals. They will be getting vitamin B12 from working in the soil and will reap the rewards of physical exercise. Yes, gardening builds muscles! Think of all the shoveling, tilling, and digging that gardening requires.

This year my kids' gardens are doing better than mine. I'd like to think it's because they have more time to tend to their gardens, but maybe being a Master Gardener doesn't mean I have a green thumb! I am just glad that my kids have discovered the life-long treasure of gardening and can enjoy the sunshine, the soil, the fresh air, and all the produce they can eat any time they want.

The next Sage and Snow Garden Club meeting will be Tuesday, July 20 at 1st Bank, 1010 Wilson Street, Pinedale (note that meetings are usually in the Sublette County Cooperative Extension Service Office, 621 South Pine St., Pinedale). Please access via the door on the side of the building opposite Wolfe Pinedale Dodge. Come at 4:30 pm for social time and 5:00 pm for the business meeting. Contact us at PO Box 2280, Pinedale, WY, 82941, by email at or call 307- 859-8606. To find out more about the Garden Club, go to and click on the link under "clubs".

Pinedale Online > News > July 2010 > Dig It - The Other Benefits of Gardening (A Local Gardener's Story)

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