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New Construction around Pinedale and surrounding area

Pinedale and Sublette County are as busy as ever, with new construction happening so fast it's hard to keep track of it all! Just for fun, we offer this page as a way to keep up on some of the new construction going on around town. We'll update these periodically with new pictures as progress continues, and we'll add in new buildings as they sprout up.

Upcoming Projects: Pinedale SAFV Office Building, Pinedale Library Addition

1. Pinedale

Pinedale BLM

Updated 5/31/07

3. Pinedale Aquatic Center

Pinedale Aquatic Center

Updated 6/3/07

5. Pinedale Medical Clinic

Pinedale Medical Clinic. Rendering courtesy Sublette County Rural Health Care District.

Updated 5/28/07

6. Pinedale Ambulance Barn

Pinedale Ambulance Barn

Updated 6/11/07

7. Rendezvous Pointe Garage

Rendezvous Pointe Bus Garage

Updated 5/28/07

8. Rocky Mountain Bank

Rocky Mountain Bank in Pinedale

Updated 5/28/07


Many of these businesses are looking for employees! (Out-of-area job hunters: Be sure to ask about housing before coming for here for any job. Secure your housing along with any employment.) Check out our Pinedale Online JOB BOARD for current Help Wanted job openings:


Upcoming Projects:

Pinedale SAFV

Pinedale Library Addition

Marbleton Clinic

Marbleton Ambulance Barn

Pinedale Airport Runway Extension

Kendall Valley Fire Hall


Sublette County Maintenance Shop

Sublette County Maintenance Shop - Road & Bridge

Completed January 2007


First State Bank of Pinedale Remodel

First State Bank. Photo courtesy Tara Bolgiano, Blushing Crow Photography

Completed February 2007


Cattle Kate's

Cattle Kate's Beauty Salon

Completed May 2007

Pinedale 18-Hole Golf Course
This project, and the BLM land transfer over to the county, have been put on hold due to issues and concerns raised by the Wyoming Game & Fish with the BLM over the area being an antelope migration corridor, mule deer and sage grouse habitat.


Chambers Design-Build
Chambers Design-Build

Ben Davis Painting

Bridger Mechanical

Whisper Creek Log Homes
Whisper Creek Log Homes

Ameri-log Homes. Local distributor: Timberline Lodge in Daniel.
Ameri-log Homes

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Are you looking for a job in the construction industry?




Construction Update map 2. Cattle Kate's Salon - Completed May 2007 3. Pinedale Aquatic Center 4. Pinedale 5th-6th Grade School Facility 1. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) 7. Sublette County Garage 6. Pinedale Ambulance Barn 5. Pinedale Medical Clinic 8. Rocky Mountain Bank 10. Sand Draw Rescue Center, 22 miles south on US Highway 191 at junction with WYO 351 9. Pinedale Visitors Center

Rocky Mountain Bank Visit our Pinedale branch online
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