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Pinedale Online > News > January 2022 > Scam Reports
Scam Reports
January 26, 2022

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office sent out an alert about a new scam report they received from multiple citizens in mid-January. This newest scam involves receiving a large number of emails from Moosely Mailboxes & More in Pinedale. The scammer also pulls email addresses through phishing techniques from large companies such as Bank of America, Amazon, and eBay. They do this to get as many email addresses for victims as they can and appear legitimate. This time they are using a local business to appear legitimate. The email initially used the 34 N Franklin address but quickly has evolved into a PMB number 2043 which was a virtual mailbox registered out of India. The scammers request gift cards from multiple places including Sam's Club, Costco & even threatening the recipient of account suspensions. The SCSO said they have contacted Moosely Mailboxes and also confirmed this is not from them.

Earlier this month the SCSO reported another scam where a citizen got a phone call from a Douglas, Wyoming phone number where the male caller impersonated a Sergeant from the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office. The caller told the citizen he was given a subpoena to be an expert witness and was in contempt of court for failing to appear. The caller incorrectly pronounced the name of the Judge and also the word Pinedale. Scammers will impersonate law enforcement agencies, banks, utility companies and other agencies in attempts to scare people into giving personal and credit card information.

Never give out personal information or credit card information over the phone to a cold caller no matter how forceful they become trying to get that information from you. Hang up on the caller. Know that scammers can spoof (fake) phone numbers that show up on your Caller ID display. Never call back on the number given by the caller or in a voicemail message. Those numbers are manned by the scammers. Always independently find the official phone number for the agency to call back to ask questions about the alleged accusation. The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office will never call citizens regarding contempt of court dates. Report suspected scams to your local law enforcement agency.

Pinedale Online > News > January 2022 > Scam Reports

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