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Pinedale Online > News > March 2021 > Pinedale Airport Impacts & Closures - Summer 2021
Pinedale Airport Impacts & Closures - Summer 2021
March 6, 2021

Below is information on Pinedale Airport activities over the next several months. Some of these projects may affect airport user operations. The four projects planned for the summer of 2021 include:

Expand East GA Apron
Expected to run from about June 15th to October 1st, this project will involve building a new apron for large aircraft between taxiways Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The fuel farm will also be relocated so fuel availability will be limited. This project will not impact aircraft operations but there may be occasional disruptions and construction vehicles operating on the airport. The contract for this project has been awarded to HK Construction and is funded by an FAA grant.

Rehabilitate Runway 11/29
This project involves the grinding of old runway pavement and then a new asphalt overlay. This will close the runway for about 10 weeks starting around July 4th. No aircraft operations will be allowed except for helicopters. Access to the airport ramp, taxiways Bravo and Charlie, the parking lot and all hangars will still be allowed. The project contract has also been awarded to HK Construction and is funded with an FAA grant.

Crack Sealing
All taxiways and aprons, not scheduled for replacement above, will have repairs to cracks in taxiways and aprons completed before seal coating (see below). This is a WYDOT funded project involving multiple airports in the region including the Big Piney Airport. We are hoping this work will be completed during the runaway rehab project to minimize the closure of the airport. If not there may be addition closure time.

Seal Coat and Mark Pavements
After the crack sealing is completed the taxiways and ramp pavements will be seal coated and then markings painted. This is also a WYDOT funded project for multiple airports in the region including Big Piney Airport. As mentioned above we will likewise endeavor to complete this work at the same time as the runway project.

All four of these projects will impact the use of the airport including closure of the runway and the fuel farm for several weeks. We will be coordinating with the Big Piney Airport so that at least one airport will always open. Further information on these impacts will be sent out during April.

On an unrelated note, we have received confirmation of the 2022 closure of the Jackson Airport during the months of April, May & June next year. We are working to mitigate impacts of this closure on Sublette County residents and will be making plans to promote the Pinedale Airport as an alternative during this closure. More information to come as it becomes available.

Should you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact Grover Laseke, Pinedale Airport Manager, at (307) 360-9025 or by email at

Pinedale Online > News > March 2021 > Pinedale Airport Impacts & Closures - Summer 2021

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