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Pinedale Online > News > January 2021 > Pinedale woman recognized as a ‘Neighborhood Hero’

Sue Eversull. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Sue Eversull

Christmas Giveaway. Photo by Foster Friess.
Christmas Giveaway

Recipient highlights. Photo by Foster Friess.
Recipient highlights
Pinedale woman recognized as a ‘Neighborhood Hero’
Receives $5000 check in Foster Friess’ 12-Days of Christmas Campaign
by Pinedale Online!
January 9, 2021

During December 2020, Foster Friess held a 12-Days of Christmas campaign. Each day, from December 13 to 24, a deserving charity or "neighborhood hero" who was nominated by a member of the community would be selected to receive a $5000 check. People were asked to submit their nominations of a deserving person or charity and write why they thought they could use a Christmas boost.

In mid-December, Friess posted on his website,, "We need your help! Sign-up as an Outrider and nominate a charity or unsung neighborhood hero, who needs the help. Together let’s be His hands and feet in a hurting world. Each day between December 13 and December 24th, I’m filling up my saddle bag with $5,000 checks," he said.

In late December he posted, "Last week we asked Outriders to help us share God's blessings in these challenging times by nominating a charity or local hero to whom Lynn and I could send a check of encouragement as inspired by Galatians 6:2, ‘When we carry one another's burdens, we fulfill the law of Christ.’" He said over the course of the campaign, hundreds of charities and heroes were selected.

One of those people who was nominated as a "Neighborhood Hero" was a local Pinedale woman, Sue Eversull. She was nominated by Cyd Goodrich who said she felt Sue deserved special recognition for her years of contributions to the local community. Sue has worked for many years as the Dietary and Kitchen Manager at Rendezvous Pointe Senior Center in Pinedale. Cyd wrote of Sue’s dedication to this community and her selfless service to feeding the seniors and the County Services she provided, especially when COVID-19 broke out and made her job so much more difficult.

"Sue never complains, just rolls up her sleeves and gets working. Sue always continues to give of herself to helping others. Sue puts the needs of others before herself. Her heart is as big as the state of Wyoming and her commitment to helping others inspires others to do the same. Sue inspires me and the people around her to do better, to be better and live out your Faith. Sue wears her Faith out front and knows where her strength comes from, she is a walking talking true testimony," Cyd said.

Sue said she was overwhelmed by it all.

Foster Fries has had a long career as a successful business investment manager and philanthropist. He and his wife, Lynn, now live in Jackson, Wyoming. Together they run the Friess Family Foundation, which generously supports many charitable causes across the nation.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > January 2021 > Pinedale woman recognized as a ‘Neighborhood Hero’

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