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Pinedale Online > News > January 2021 > Malo Wins Stage Two, Takes Lead
Malo Wins Stage Two, Takes Lead
by Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race
January 31, 2021

Defending champion Anny Malo from Quebec smoked the 35-mile out-and-back trail in Pinedale today to take the overall lead after two stages.

Malo started the day with a 31-second deficit on Lina Streeper who won stage one in Alpine. Taking advantage of the cold, hard, and fast conditions along the upper Green River, Malo averaged 15.6 mph, with a finish time of 2:14:36 which was 00:01:36 seconds faster than Streeper. Malo enters stage three in Kemmerer on Monday with a sparse but meaningful minute-and-five-second cushion on Streeper. The two Canadians are multi-time past Stage Stop champions and have been duking it out since Malo won the race in her first appearance in 2019. The trend continues this year as there is barely a 1.5 second per mile difference between them after two days and 66 miles of racing.

Experienced newcomer Diane Marquis from Quebec has had an impressive two days, finishing third both days behind the front runners and ahead of several high caliber veterans. The friendly petite 66-year-old French Canadian is just shy of the leading pace and might quietly appear on the heels of either Streeper or Malo if they slip up on any one run.

The remaining top ten spots have yet to materialize as a handful of mushers are still jockeying to sort it all out. A couple more days of racing should help make sense of who has a top five team. Time will tell.

Pinedale Stage 2 results:
1 - Anny Malo 2:14:36
2 - Lina Streeper 2:16:12
3 - Diane Marquis 2:21:46
4 - JR Anderson 2:23:31
5 - Érick Laforce 2:24:22
6 - Alix Crittenden 2:29:54
7 - Elliot Rivest 2:31:13
8 - Bruce Magnusson 2:31:21
9 - Austin Forney 2:32:13
10 - Thad McCracken 2:34:50
11 - Guy Girard 2:34:57
12 - Maria Torgerson 2:36:49
13 - Doug Butler 2:42:38
14 - Gwenn Bogart 2:43:15
15 - Ken Chezik 2:46:06
16 - Jake Robinson 2:46:42
17 - Ed Steilstra 2:50:33
18 - Ryan Beaber 2:53:43
19 - Randy Dekuiper 2:55:15
20 - Tim Thiessen 3:00:01
21 - Ben Barrett 3:00:17
22 - Rafael Nelson 3:02:08
23 - Laura Neese 3:04:17
24 - Chris Adkins 3:20:48

From Pinedale we travel to Kemmerer, Wyoming:
February 1st — Stage Three - Kemmerer, Wyoming
February 2nd — Stage Four - Big Piney / Marbleton, Wyoming
February 3rd — Stage Five - Lander, Wyoming
February 4th —Travel Day —
February 5th — Stage Six - Driggs, Idaho
February 6th — Stage Seven – Teton County, Wyoming

With a total combined payout of $165,000, the Pedigree Stage Race offers the largest purse in the lower 48, and draws many of the top teams from the United States and Canada.

In conjunction with Angelos Media, the Stage Stop race will be posting daily video updates as well as race commentary, photography, and daily results. As part of the race organization’s comprehensive COVID plan, spectators are not being encouraged at any of the venues. Instead, local as well as global race fans can enjoy extensive race coverage online at or on Facebook.

Pinedale Online > News > January 2021 > Malo Wins Stage Two, Takes Lead

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