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Pinedale Online > News > January 2021 > Keep water line bleeders running to prevent frozen pipes

Water line bleeder. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Water line bleeder
Keep water line bleeders running to prevent frozen pipes
January 4, 2021

As temperatures get colder, the Town of Pinedale recommends in-town residents keep a bleeder running inside their home to keep water pipes from freezing. This should be a pencil lead thin stream of water in a sink or bathtub somewhere in the house where it won’t be turned off. Some households have a dedicated bleeder line for this purpose.

Running a bleeder only applies to residents on the Town’s municipal water system. Most residential customers are allotted up to 40,000 gallons of water per billing period during the winter months to accommodate bleeding. People in rural locations on water wells should not run a bleeder.

To help keep interior pipelines from freezing under cold conditions such as power outages, consider opening up the cupboard doors under sinks so warm air can circulate around interior water pipes. Heat tape can also be used to wrap waterline pipes that might be susceptible to freezing.

Unprotected water meters can also freeze. If you think you would benefit from being safe and removing an unutilized meter during the winter, the Town recommends calling a professional plumber or contractor to safely remove the meter and drain it, to be stored in a warm place. The meter can then be reinstalled when you return. The Town of Pinedale website has a list of plumbers and contractors who can help,
If your pipes do freeze, a plumber can help with thawing services. Thawing of lines is not a service the Town of Pinedale offers. Contact the Pinedale Town Hall with any questions or concerns, (307) 367-4136.

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