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Pinedale Online > News > June 2020 > Pinedale All-School Reunion update - Barbeque July 11, 2020
Pinedale All-School Class Reunion update - Barbeque July 11, 2020
by Bill Johnson
June 29, 2020

I think most of you can imagine the frustration of attempting to put an All School Reunion together during this corona virus pandemic! Itís not because we don't have a good team, because we do! I'm always afraid of forgetting someone but Melva Post, Marilyn Jensen, Sandy Brewer, Laura Lozier, and Dave Willoughby have been exceptional. Letters have been mailed and phone calls have been made. We have done our best since December.

There is possibly another way to think about the virus and our nation. I have no doubt that hard times are coming soon. Civil unrest, political chaos, and economic severity are already front and center. The future looks bleak. Wars and natural disasters have not yet come but they will. Pinedale and Sublette County have been a safe zone. Three persons with corona virus and no deaths. Last week-end we helped put on a rock and gem show at the fair grounds at Big Piney- Marbleton. 1200 people came through and there were 26 vendors from around the west. So far no problems. Those roaring through Pinedale to get to Jackson also seem busy as ever.

My point is we are pretty darn safe and especially with an outdoor event. But there is another and better reason to gather. That is to renew friendships and strengthen ties with as many as possible. We are facing hard times and no one will get through it by themself. It's going to take unity. Your friends will make your difference! We should all start now. Housing is firming up and new people are moving in.

So here is the new deal! The reunion as we imagined it in December is pretty much a bust. Not many out-of-staters are coming. Not too many graduates from around the state are coming either. Our numbers are quite low. We are now going to open the barbecue up to ANYONE that wants to come excepting small children. Our food supplier that does the pulled pork can handle about 175 people. We have been approved for 250 in attendance but that could possibly change downward. That means that some of us might get stuck grilling hamburgers. It doesn't matter to me what I eat. The company is what is important!

We will start promptly at 3pm with The Pledge of Allegiance followed by the singing of GOD Bless America. Then a prayer. Andy Nelson and Jared Rogerson will provide the entertainment! They are good! Dave Willoughby is hoping to have a horse shoe tournament. If interested, you need to prepay to P O Box 2354, Pinedale 82941 so it can be received no later than July 3rd. Then we will have our number for the vendors. $25 per person. If for some reason we can't pull it off and have to cancel, then we will send your money back. It will be held at the Johnson residence and it is best to come through the south gate at 64 Granite Lane. Bring your own beer and bring a lawn chair.

More info on Facebook: Pinedale All School Reunion

Pinedale Online > News > June 2020 > Pinedale All-School Reunion update - Barbeque July 11, 2020

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