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Pinedale Online > News > May 2019 > Seek Beauty

Madge Funk. Photo by Sublette County Artists' Guild.
Madge Funk

Sublette County Artists' Guild. Photo by Lynn Thomas.
Sublette County Artists' Guild
Seek Beauty
Sublette County Artists' Guild
May 28, 2019

The Sublette County Artistsí Guild presents another addition from their collection of local members of the Guild. Madge McHugh Funk was a long-time member of the Sublette County Artistsí Guild. She passed away in 1997. Click on this link to read more about the Sublette County Artistsí Guild.

Madge McHugh Funk

I must not hurry along this road,
There is much to see,
The wild rose lifts her fragrant head,
While the lupine smiles at me.

The scarlet gilia - -trumpet phlox,
The buckwheat now changing to rust,
A lily, elegant, stately, pure,
The mariposa flower of trust.

The purple fringe grows tall and dark,
As it clings to the old creek bed,
While deep and blue, the dainty flax,
Is nodding her graceful head.

The painted brush, a flower of flame,
The red manís symbol of fire,
Clusters in patches of tall grey sage,
And warms my heart with desire.

Our grandmotherís blossom, the profuse growing yarrow,
Children made tea of its stems,
And standing close by is the Queenly Annís lace,
They arenít the best of friends.

The wind flower, wispy and airy and light,
Quietly sighs in the breeze,
While the geranium decked her summery pink,
Whispers low, "Just a glance?", "If you please?"

The snapdragons styled in lavender blue,
The fireweed bright, standing near,
All natureís staging a show just for me,
Sheís a pleasure, a joy and a dear.

So I will not hurry along this road,
Iíll touch every blossom and vine,
And when the sunflower turns toward her God as he sets,
Iíll have found the sweet peace that is mine.

Madge McHugh Funkís personal papers. Mary Lynn Worl

Pinedale Online > News > May 2019 > Seek Beauty

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