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Pinedale Online > News > February 2019 > Wyoming Legislature update – Feb. 25, 2019
Wyoming Legislature update – Feb. 25, 2019
by Albert Sommers, House District #20 Representative
February 25, 2019

Hello Sublette County,
This is Albert Sommers in Cheyenne on Monday the 25th. Today kicked off the 8th week of the 65th General Session. We are scheduled to adjourn Wednesday, the 35th day of session. We worked all of the 2nd and 3rd Reading bills that were laid back Friday afternoon.

On 2nd reading, we considered and passed on a voice vote 13 bills, including:
SF 161 - Management council membership-2.
SF 144 - Medicaid and SNAP eligibility requirements.
SF 134 – Severance Tax exemption
SF 122 - Wyoming Works Program
This bill initially failed in Committee of the Whole. After discussing the bill further with the Governor’s office, I moved to rescind the motion and the bill passed with 10 more aye votes. I passed an amendment on second reading to reduce the appropriation for the program. We need small steps to see how this program will work.

On 3rd reading, the House considered 13 bills on 3rd reading, six of which were accelerated from 2nd reading to balance the schedule.
SF 49 - County zoning authority-private schools
I still contend this bill is misguided and we should have a government as close as possible to the people. It is my opinion the County Commissioners should be given deference in local land use planning issues.
SF 40 - Operation of motorboat while intoxicated
This bill changes the Blood Alcohol Content Limit for boating to be the same as motor vehicles, which is 0.08. The limit is currently .1, and I voted against the bill because I was not convinced that small change was going to save lives.
SF 46 - Opioid prescription limits
SF 47 - Controlled substances education and administration. SF 46 and 47 were bills that were developed by the Opioid Task Force that I served on last interim.

SF 146 – Medicaid expansion study failed a vote of the House on 3rd reading. I supported this study, because the federal government is allowing states to develop some creative waivers. One item that needs to be examined is whether the state can utilize this tool to help solve the challenges we have paying for mental health care.

Please follow my Facebook page for up to date information and email me at with questions or concerns.

Thank you

Pinedale Online > News > February 2019 > Wyoming Legislature update – Feb. 25, 2019

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