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Lynda doing burpee. Photo by The Garage Gym.
Lynda doing burpee
Photo courtesy The Garage Gym

Lynda Leeper. Photo by The Garage Gym.
Lynda Leeper

Burpee moves. Photo by The Garage Gym.
Burpee moves
Photo courtesy Ranae Pape

Exercising for MS. Photo by The Garage Gym.
Exercising for MS
Photo courtesy The Garage Gym

The Garage Gym. Photo by The Garage Gym.
The Garage Gym
Silver Sneakers - Lynda’s Journey
by Ranae Pape
February 25, 2019

PINEDALE, WYOMING - The Garage Gym, Home of Sublette CrossFit held their 1st Annual Fundraising Event for Lynda’s Journey on Saturday, February 9, 2019. The fundraiser was in part of the exercise program at The Garage called Silver Sneakers.

The morning event saluted the program’s inspiration and mentor, Lynda Leeper. Lynda has shown tremendous and continuous success with exercise to lessen her symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Lynda was honored for her caring and supportive role in expressing meaningful opportunities for health benefits with exercise. Ranae Pape, owner of The Garage Gym, emphasized that "Lynda’s Journey is a win-win situation for our community members. This opportunity for funds to help people stay active is extremely important for not only the athlete, but state of mind for family members of those suffering with physical ailments."

Lynda delivered an important message: "There are people in our community who are needing help with physical strength and balance development, social aspects and skills for independent living." Ms. Leeper went on to emphasize that "the successful development and growth from The Garage Gyms publicity of the Silver Sneakers class effectively bridges this gap, of the perspective of the importance of strength training and conditioning in all aspects of one’s life, young or old." Lynda ended the day with preforming 5 burpees for the community to show them the improvements she has made with exercise.

Fourteen community members and athletes from The Garage Gym performed a burpee for each dollar raised. Those who donated to this fundraiser were:
Pinedale Properties
Altitude Drug
Pinedale Lumber
Julie Bell
Office Outlet
Dave & Ranae Pape
Peggy Bell
Hank & Maura Williams
Mandy Brisco
Brittney Williams
Ann & Larry McNerney
Chad Mitchell

The funds will be available for people with physical ailments to begin exercise or continue exercise. Money can be used for new exercise shoes, equipment, gym memberships, or any opportunity that can keep a member of the community active. The day’s events raised $2,215 dollars.

Lynda Leeper and Barb Pape are the chairs for the charity. With the huge success of this fundraiser, a separate account will be established to offer every dollar to residents of Sublette County. If you are interested in having your family member receive funding to stay active, contact Lynda Leeper at 307-749-8148 to receive support.

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