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Pinedale Online > News > July 2018 > Search continues for missing youth

Search Notice. Photo by Sublette County Sheriff's Office.
Search Notice
Search continues for missing youth
13-year old Garrett Hunter missing in Wind River Range
July 29, 2018

Search update, Sunday, July 29, 10:15PM: Lost youth Garrett Hunter has been found and is in good health. He will stay put with volunteer searchers overnight and come out in the morning.

(PINEDALE, WYOMING – July 29, 2018, Sublette County Sheriff’s Office)
At approximately 2 pm on Saturday, July 28th 2018, the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a missing hiker near Mary’s Lake in the Wind River Range. Mary’s lake is about 7 miles in from the Elkhart trail head which is 10 miles northeast of Pinedale. 13-year-old Garrett Hunter of Draper, Utah was one of a 20 member Scout hiking group on a 50-mile planned trip in the area. Garrett is 5’9, 130 pounds has light brown hair and was last seen wearing a blue shirt and grey pants. Garrett has Asperger’s and may not approach anyone for help due to his condition.

Garrett was separated from his group around 0930 am after the group left the 1000 island lakes area yesterday morning July 28th. The group was ending their 50 mile journey and headed back to the Elkhart trail head via the Pole creek trail. It is unknown when exactly Garrett became separated from the group.

Immediately after the initial call yesterday afternoon, a team consisting of six members of Tip Top Search and rescue members along with the Sublette County contracted helicopter went to the area as part of the initial search. As of dusk last night the search efforts were unsuccessful.

Sunday morning July 29th 2018 search efforts ramped up. 20 Tip Top search and rescue members along with assistance from Teton County Search and Rescue, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, WYK9 out of Jackson Hole have deployed to the area. In addition Sunday morning approximately 38 self-deployed volunteers have arrived out of Utah and are self-searching in coordination with Tip Top Search and Rescue operations.

Searching operations are still ongoing and more updates will be provided as we get them.

Pinedale Online Editor’s additional notes: The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office and Tip Top Search and Rescue say they do not need additional help for this search effort. If you have contact with anyone hiking in the Wind River Range, please pass on to be on the lookout for a young man hiking alone matching Garrett’s description. If they see him, ask if he is Garrett. He may not ask for help on his own. He may come out at any trailhead from Green River Lakes to Boulder Lake. Apparently he does not have a cell phone or a map. He does have food, water filter and fire starting tools, but for some reason he left his tent beside the trail. He is a fast hiker and could travel considerable distance. He has already spent one night out alone. Crews are out on horseback and on foot on the trails and stationed at trailheads. K-9 Search and Rescue dogs are deployed. Search & Rescue and Civil Air Patrol helicopters and fixed wing planes are involved in the search. In addition, many relatives and family friends are helping with the search efforts. KSL TV station came and did an interview with local law enforcement and will be helping to spread the word on the search.

Pinedale Online > News > July 2018 > Search continues for missing youth

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