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The Man From Basin. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Man From Basin
Robin Nichols

100 Meter Freestyle. Photo by Terry Allen.
100 Meter Freestyle

Courtney Skinner. Photo by Terry Allen.
Courtney Skinner
Decorating the slalom course.

2.5K Snowshoe Race. Photo by Terry Allen.
2.5K Snowshoe Race

Della and Kari. Photo by Terry Allen.
Della and Kari
The Irrepressible Della drove an old pickup truck over from Casper and someone said there was a strand of purple feathers and rattlesnake rattlers hanging from her rear-view mirror.

Pickleballers on Deck. Photo by Terry Allen.
Pickleballers on Deck

Doc Foster Wins Big. Photo by Terry Allen.
Doc Foster Wins Big

MaryLynn Worl. Photo by Terry Allen.
MaryLynn Worl
Finishes 2.5K Nordic Classic.

Jason Ray. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jason Ray
Rolls up the event gear.

Fluid and Agile. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fluid and Agile
Ole Skinner. I know 20 year old's that don't have that form.
Wyoming Senior Winter Games 2018
by Terry Allen
February 12, 2018

There are about 195 national flags flying in Pyeongchang, Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics, and Courtney Skinner may have had close to that number flying in Sublette County, Wyoming on February 8, 9, and 10 for our Wyoming Senior Winter Games. I canít imagine what our various events would be like without Courtney voluntarily decorating them like he has done all these years.

The Objectives of the Wyoming Senior Olympics are:
To promote ideals of health and wellness of adults through a more active lifestyle.
To erase myths that life is over after 50, by the philosophy that "you donít stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing."
To promote the socialization and educational aspects of the senior games by emphasizing recreational participation and proper training.
To promote opportunities for team spirit.
To promote the concept of adult athletics.
To encourage inter-community, state-wide, nation-wide and world-wide associations for participants.
To provide a showcase event that will be of interest to persons of all ages.
To educate and train participants and spectators in the areas of adult athletics and exercise.
To promote sportsmanship, volunteerism and camaraderie among individuals of all age levels and affiliation.

About 78 athletes from around the state, plus Montana, Colorado, and Nevada came to Pinedale to compete in Snowshoe, Nordic skiing, Swimming, Pickleball, Alpine Skiing, Speed skating, Racquetball, Rock climbing and Walking.

Della Works came over from Casper. "Iíve only missed one of nine Senior Games," she said. "The time I missed, I had to take my grandson to Torino in 2006. Btw, I carried the torch in Salt Lake City in 2002." I overheard Della and Cork Kelly discover they were both age 82 and each had 14 grandchildren.

Before the Nordic Classic, John Houser was waxing his Nordic skis on his tailgate with red wax and Jamie Anderson came over and exclaimed that she was using violet wax on her skis. I had seen her stick a temperature probe in a snowbank earlier, so I knew she planned to go fast.

JJ Huntley was in a huddle of skiers when she saw me and said that the icy wind must be blowing thru my levis, and then she launched into a story about a guy who took a load of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) kids into the wintery woods for three weeks. One kid showed up in Levis and the instructor told him he had to get warmer pants. Well, part way into a snowy bus ride the instructor noticed the kid wearing the Levis. He stopped the bus, made the kid take off his pants and the instructor threw them up into a pine tree. They picked them back out of the tree at the end of the three weeks. I wasn't sure what JJ's intentions in telling the story were, so I beat a hasty retreat.

Over at the PAC (Pinedale Aquatic Center) pool, young Tyce Walker was lowering a clipboard on a rope out a window down to poolside. Poolside scorers would then clip on time sheets instead of running up three flights of stairs to give them to Tyceís mom Kirby, to record in the computer.

I was curious what kind of hurdles some of the athletes had to get over in order to participate. Doc Foster age 58, said he had his knee replaced in October. Ole Skinner age 77, had his spine fused. Jack Hegardt age 82, who is still employed as a stone mason, told me he had carotid artery surgery recently. Cork Kelly was wearing a pink bathing cap in honor of women who have gotten cancer. I only asked four people. I bet this list would be a lot longer if I had asked others. I do happen to know of some near death stories, but I don't have permission to share them.

I decided I don't have much of an excuse for slacking of any kind and I've started going over the sport list to see if I might be able to survive snowshoe or walking next year.

Finally, please remember to thank the volunteers that made this event possible. I know it means the world when someone takes the time to appreciate their efforts and say thank you. I know it's very nice to be surprised by a gift of a burger or a beer when you are freezing cold manning a post and haven't had time to catch your breath for two days.

All the results aren't ready yet, but Amber Robbins tells me they will be posted as soon as they get them done. Wyoming Senior Olympics

A big thanks to Dawn Ballou of Pinedale Online for sponsoring this photo story.
You may all share these online photos among yourselves for personal use. I do sell high resolution images if you want them.
Terry Allen:

Cork Kelly. Photo by Terry Allen.
Cork Kelly

Cork and Della. Photo by Terry Allen.
Cork and Della

James is a Good Shot. Photo by Terry Allen.
James is a Good Shot

John Houser from Cody. Photo by Terry Allen.
John Houser from Cody
Waxing with red.

Courtney Skinner. Photo by Terry Allen.
Courtney Skinner
International flag Guru.

Tom Black from Basin. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tom Black from Basin
Waiting in warming hut for Nordic Classic to start.

Nordic Classic Start. Photo by Terry Allen.
Nordic Classic Start

Uphill for the Long Course. Photo by Terry Allen.
Uphill for the Long Course
Turn right for the short course.

Jason Ray Helps a Competitor. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jason Ray Helps a Competitor

Jones does it Luge Style. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jones does it Luge Style

Fremont Lake. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fremont Lake
Competition Morning

Ken Konicek in First Place. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ken Konicek in First Place
Amber Robbins says Ken is the driving force behind the Wyoming Senior Winter Games.

Doc Johnston on Slalom Course. Photo by Terry Allen.
Doc Johnston on Slalom Course

Dressed for the Cold. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dressed for the Cold

John's Finish Face. Photo by Terry Allen.
John's Finish Face

Della, Doc and Ollie. Photo by Terry Allen.
Della, Doc and Ollie

Ward Taking Up Course Fence. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ward Taking Up Course Fence
Monte Skinner riding shotgun.

Ole Skinner's Epic Enthusiasm. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ole Skinner's Epic Enthusiasm

Ollie Skinner and Doc Foster.... Photo by Terry Allen.
Ollie Skinner and Doc Foster...
...coming over the hill.

Enthusiastic Slalom Finish. Photo by Terry Allen.
Enthusiastic Slalom Finish

Easy Slalom Finish. Photo by Terry Allen.
Easy Slalom Finish

Having Fun. Photo by Terry Allen.
Having Fun

Video for Later. Photo by Terry Allen.
Video for Later

Old School. Photo by Terry Allen.
Old School

Dale Towery. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dale Towery

100 Meter Freestyle Winners. Photo by Terry Allen.
100 Meter Freestyle Winners

Cork Kelly on Podium. Photo by Terry Allen.
Cork Kelly on Podium

Tyce the Time Sheet Fisherman. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tyce the Time Sheet Fisherman

Cork Coming in to Touch. Photo by Terry Allen.
Cork Coming in to Touch

Doc Breathing Hard. Photo by Terry Allen.
Doc Breathing Hard

High School Team Against the Seniors. Photo by Terry Allen.
High School Team Against the Seniors

The Girls Insisted on Cork. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Girls Insisted on Cork

The Organizing Team. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Organizing Team

Speed Skating. Photo by Terry Allen.
Speed Skating

Diving Finish. Photo by Terry Allen.
Diving Finish

Short Track Sprint. Photo by Terry Allen.
Short Track Sprint

Into the Net the Hard Ways. Photo by Terry Allen.
Into the Net the Hard Ways

Arnie Gets Low  for Backhand Return. Photo by Terry Allen.
Arnie Gets Low for Backhand Return

A Nordic Stroll. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Nordic Stroll

Ken in the Wilderness. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ken in the Wilderness

Joan Finishes in 3rd Place. Photo by Terry Allen.
Joan Finishes in 3rd Place

Mixed Doubles. Photo by Terry Allen.
Mixed Doubles

Carolyn Climbs the Wall. Photo by Terry Allen.
Carolyn Climbs the Wall

John Made it Look Easy. Photo by Terry Allen.
John Made it Look Easy

Joyous Finisher. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Joyous Finisher

The Fast Shoes of Joan Dean. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Fast Shoes of Joan Dean

John Sees the Finish. Photo by Terry Allen.
John Sees the Finish

Carolyn Normington. Photo by Terry Allen.
Carolyn Normington
Unofficial Rock Climber. Just turned 50. Vows to compete next year.
Pinedale Online > News > February 2018 > Wyoming Senior Winter Games 2018

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