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The Man with Spare Tongues. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Man with Spare Tongues
Kyle Robertson.

Ciera is a Winner!. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ciera is a Winner!

Racing Fuel Baptism. Photo by Terry Allen.
Racing Fuel Baptism
When all else fails, baptise the whole engine and say a few holy cuss words.

Racing Fuel Bonfire. Photo by Terry Allen.
Racing Fuel Bonfire
Wyoming: Where we start bonfires with racing fuel and knock coconuts out of trees with dynamite.

The Twins. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Twins
Henry: I'm a racer! Pearson: I've got a chauffeur!

Carhart Dogs. Photo by Terry Allen.
Carhart Dogs
Rooster and Midas. Midas is a Happy Endings Animal Rescue Dog.

Ty Baxley. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ty Baxley
Came down outta the high country for the race.

Just Hang On!. Photo by Terry Allen.
Just Hang On!

100 Lap Winners!. Photo by Terry Allen.
100 Lap Winners!

Where the Buffalo Roam. Photo by Terry Allen.
Where the Buffalo Roam
South end of the track.
One Lunger Vintage Snow Machine Race 2018
18th Annual Gathering held Feb. 3rd at Sagebrush Downs track in Cora
by Terry Allen
February 5, 2018

Ty Baxley was standing on a snow berm with his eyes fixed on the pack of buzzing vintage snow machines as they fought for the fast line around the finish curve. He was the only person in a cowboy hat so I sauntered on over to say hello. "I’ve been up on the WaPika (ranch) all winter and I figured I’d come down and see what was causing all the noise."

Just then a big round yellow machine bore down on us.

It was young Joe Shenefelt standing up as he drove by, wearing a green military flight helmet from the 50‘s, a sport coat, aviator glasses and cowboy boots. "Uh huuuh," said Ty in what I swear was a natural Gus voice from Lonesome Dove…and right then is when I clicked my shutter.

Mike Carrillo was stretched out on his machine like a sun-worshiper so I asked him what kind of racing we were going to see today. "We’ve got a one lap Kid’s Mini Sled Race for those under 12 years of age, we've got a three lap for juniors, then we have a 10 lap/10 Mile Vintage Open Class for one and two cylinder sleds, we have a whole bunch of Hot Laps, and our main event is a 100 lap, 100 lap race for both single and twin cylinder snowmobiles, workes out to 52 miles or so."

Turned out Mike was waiting for Jay Fear to get the bidding started on the Calcutta. I went up to the booth to get a shot of Jay doing his auctioneering. While I was up there I heard him saying something like: "Mike Carrillo…$25…etc." and I told Jay I’d take that bet. Shoot, Mike is an engine Guru around here and I knew right away that was a great price. I went back down to talk with Mike about race strategy and that’s when I learned he’d gotten the 1980 Ski-Doo for free. "Don’t worry," he said. "I just gotta finish to win." Okay…

I took a picture of a pretty girl, and then I walked across to the middle of the track where Tip Top Search and Rescue were perched. Just before I got there, I fell into a badger hole and while the dirt was still falling into my eyes, I saw the hands of Kenna Tanner and her SAR partner Bruce Bartley from Alaska reach down and they pulled me out. Bruce lived in Alaska for 34 years and was with the Alaska Mountain Rescue Group. btw, the cabin that was a cookhouse that I mentioned a couple weeks ago. "That came from our ranch, the "John C," she said.

The aroma of grilling beef pulled me over to the Bradthauer tailgate and while I tried to get a focused shot of smoke, I was offered a big, thick juicy burger with onions. Yeah! They were over from Pocatello so their son Jarak could race. "I ride a 1980 Moto-Ski," he said. "It’s pretty rare. My racing plan is to keep it wide open." He did good because he got first place in his class.

I decided I better eat before I shoot so just as I was taking a big bite, Taylor, riding a big yellow machine with #215 on it did a complete barrel role right in front of me. Taylor stayed in the saddle and just kept going like he’d planned the whole thing. "I didn't let go of the handle bars and it just jumped back up," he said. "It's a 1969 Olympic and I bought it from Mike Carrillo."

I found Buck Schouboe and his pit crew packing snow all around the engine of sled #69. "We’ve got to cool it down or it won’t start back up," he said.

The pits were full of action. It was more like a MASH tent…fluids and discarded parts were flying everywhere. New and old parts were getting wired back on, pulleys were getting new pull ropes, carburetors were getting primed in a generous fashion, belts were getting replaced, girls were cussing easily, but it seemed more creatively than the men. In fact, cussing seemed like a tool some of them packed for the track. I noticed a couple of the women change the cuss in mid-cuss stride, but I told them to feel free, I wasn’t going to mention names. There was so much racing fuel being splashed around and coming out of seals and hoses that just about every sled out there looked like a Molotov my notes probably weren't going to survive anyway.

Little Ciera who is now 5 years old showed me her medal and told me her racing secret. "I take a lot of Hot Laps, I control my speed and I eat a lot of Daddies pancakes and chocolate milk," she said.

Blaine Matthews was working feverishly as a pit crew member this year. "This kind of race is won in the pits," he said. "We keep the machines going the whole time. All the rider has to do is hold the throttle wide open, and once in a while do a spectacular recover. The rider just needs to stay on and keep the throttle smashed."

Kaili and Shania lost their Grandpa 5 years ago and were riding his sled in his honor. "It’s a 1971 Ski-Doo that Grandpa used for ice fishing," said Kaili. A little while later I saw the girls riding tandem and they gave me a wave as they went by on the big curve.

The Trophy Girls brought out the awards and I heard them discussing that they were over-dressed and next year they might wear actual costumes of some kind.

The checks came out too, so I was busy taking photos when I heard my name announced and someone thrust a check into my hand. Somehow my horse, Mike Carrillo had won second place and second place paid money. Some days you just get lucky start to finish.

Thanks to Dawn Ballou of Pinedale Online for sponsoring this story.

The 2018 One Lunger Vintage Snow Machine Race was hosted by Snow Explorers/Altitude Off-Road Inc. For more information about the club, email:

You are all welcome to share these photos personally among yourselves. I do sell hi-rez photos if you want them.
Terry Allen:

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  • Season of the Ice Witch. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Season of the Ice Witch

    On Grandpa's Sled. Photo by Terry Allen.
    On Grandpa's Sled

    There's a Sled Under There!. Photo by Terry Allen.
    There's a Sled Under There!

    Charlsey and Maize. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Charlsey and Maize
    The youngest fan. Not yet born, she participated in last years Surly Pika Adventure Race.

    One-Lunger Fashion. Photo by Terry Allen.
    One-Lunger Fashion

    The Tongue Helps. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Tongue Helps

    Looks Well-Secured. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Looks Well-Secured
    ...and a lot better than leaving it in the track.

    Already into the Replacement Runners. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Already into the Replacement Runners

    Number 244 Made an Impression. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Number 244 Made an Impression

    The Sled Will Give Up Before Josh Does. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Sled Will Give Up Before Josh Does
    ...and the sled ain't givin' up!

    Putting in a New Pull-Rope. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Putting in a New Pull-Rope

    Bare Wires. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Bare Wires
    Might be causing the "cuttin' out."

    Replacing a Shredded Belt. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Replacing a Shredded Belt

    We've Got Gas!. Photo by Terry Allen.
    We've Got Gas!
    Might be too much gas.

    Packing the Engine in Snow. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Packing the Engine in Snow
    So it won't seize up.

    Stay on!. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Stay on!

    Piper. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Invited for a Burger!. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Invited for a Burger!

    Kaili and Shania. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Kaili and Shania
    Rode Grandpa's sled in the race.

    Grandpa's Sled. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Grandpa's Sled

    Crashing into Announcer's Booth. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Crashing into Announcer's Booth
    Hey, I was just standing there.

    Trophy Girls!. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Trophy Girls!

    Poaching Patricks Shot. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Poaching Patricks Shot

    Oakly Building Snowman by the Fire. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Oakly Building Snowman by the Fire
    You all might remember Oakley from the Winter Carnival two years ago.

    Jay Fear Calling the Calcutta. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Jay Fear Calling the Calcutta

    Otis Gets Directions from Robert. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Otis Gets Directions from Robert

    Otis and Frosty do a Track Walk. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Otis and Frosty do a Track Walk

    Team Trophy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Team Trophy

    Young Sportsmanship. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Young Sportsmanship

    Muddy Snow Gets Deep. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Muddy Snow Gets Deep

    Tight Corner. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Tight Corner

    Hanging Out. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Hanging Out

    Koral Gets the Checkered Flag. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Koral Gets the Checkered Flag

    Patrick and Mike 1st and 2nd. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Patrick and Mike 1st and 2nd

    Wide Open. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Wide Open

    Getting Muddy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Getting Muddy

    Scaring the Photographer. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Scaring the Photographer

    Friends. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Merging. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Dressed for Success. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Dressed for Success
    Joe Shenefelt

    The Horse I Bet On. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Horse I Bet On
    Troy riding.

    Josh and Clint. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Josh and Clint

    Third Place!. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Third Place!

    Second Place!. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Second Place!

    Gary and Ruth. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Gary and Ruth
    Ticket takers at the event...and always good for a little area history education.

    Checkered Flag!. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Checkered Flag!

    Junior Start. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Junior Start

    Time to Clean a Lens. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Time to Clean a Lens

    Hot Lap. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Hot Lap

    Patrick, 1st Place!. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Patrick, 1st Place!

    Don't Stand Too Close. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Don't Stand Too Close

    Finish!. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Kaylee Jo Harrell. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Kaylee Jo Harrell
    A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...and if a photographer wants the shot...he's gotta wade in, too.

    Your Photographer:  Terry Allen. Photo by Arnie Brokling.
    Your Photographer: Terry Allen
    Singed my nose lighting up. Guess I'll have to start buying longer cigars. Photo by Arnie Brokling.
    Pinedale Online > News > February 2018 > One Lunger Vintage Snow Machine Race 2018

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