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Tyler Wilson. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tyler Wilson
Hey, wanna see my big knife?

Deputy Mac and The Pony Express. Photo by Terry Allen.
Deputy Mac and The Pony Express
Sure do like finding folks who know how to help me make a photo.

Chief at Pageant. Photo by Terry Allen.
Chief at Pageant
I like a photo subject that isn't too polite.

Dan and Brooke at Beard Shaving. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dan and Brooke at Beard Shaving

Coralee and her Crab Apple Jelly. Photo by Terry Allen.
Coralee and her Crab Apple Jelly
at the Saint Andrew's Rendezvous Pie Sale.

Trying to Land on All Four's. Photo by Terry Allen.
Trying to Land on All Four's

Reality Up Close at the Kids Fishing Derby. Photo by Terry Allen.
Reality Up Close at the Kids Fishing Derby

Scout and Her Ladybug. Photo by Terry Allen.
Scout and Her Ladybug
Watching the parade

Talli Plays in Rendezvous Parade. Photo by Terry Allen.
Talli Plays in Rendezvous Parade

Bonnie at Library Book Sale. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bonnie at Library Book Sale
"Snake Handling and Redemption"

Zed the Bullrider Contemplates. Photo by Terry Allen.
Zed the Bullrider Contemplates

Sue Separates Eggs for Pancake Breakfast. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sue Separates Eggs for Pancake Breakfast

Bear!. Photo by Terry Allen.
Game and Fish Exhibit

Madleine Hemenway at The Midway. Photo by Terry Allen.
Madleine Hemenway at The Midway
Green River Rendezvous Days in Pinedale 2017
by Terry Allen
July 11, 2017

Rendezvous this year started out with Main Street Pinedale’s High Altitude Market in American Legion Park. There I met an impressively competent young man named Kayden from Lander. He gets up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning and milks his four goats and milks them again at 5 in the evening. I tried his goat cheese he makes with sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pesto, pine nuts and olives. "This is my 4-H project," he said. "All the proceeds of the project are donated to causes we choose as a team."

Delsa Allen got a prime spot on Pine Street to display her beautiful photography; and I asked her where one image was taken. "That’s kind of a secret spot off the beaten path," she said. "I found it years ago but finally went back with friends Meghann and Isabel and did some photography. There was a bad lightning storm and our dogs took off and we were afraid to go after them. We had to wait to go look for their bodies, but we found them alive and unharmed."

Gaige and Daxton Zook raise worms thru their 4-H program. They set up at the farmer’s market but in among all the traditional food they didn’t do so well, so they set up at the fishing pond a couple days later and were happy with their sales. I suggested they could do better at the farmer’s market if they sold sandwiches and French fried red wigglers.

I found Zed Merrell having a beer at the Cowboy Bar a few hours before his bull riding event. He’s 24 and has been riding for 7 years. "I like the rush," he said. "I wanted to ride since I was 2, but didn’t get started till I was 17."

A guy speaking in a German accent caught my attention and I met Jogi (Yogi) from Bavaria, Germany. This is his 3rd Rendezvous he and his wife have been to and he takes part in the Pageant, too. Western history is pretty big in his part of Germany. There are stores that sell everything one needs for their own Rendezvous. They even do civil war re-enactments.

Madeline was the only girl I saw in red lipstick until I saw Caitlin and Brooke at the beard shaving, so she laughingly posed for a photo…and then kissed her boyfriend…who looked an awful lot just like her.

Danielle and Alex of our forest service were sitting in some shade eating one of those Gyros sandwiches everyone was talking about. You might remember Danielle who was cuddling Smokey the Bear at the last big event at the PAC.

Over at St. Andrews they were having a pie sale and Juli Cook was out front by the creek selling them. Everyone around here knows they are really great pies…all made by hand with great care by people in the community. 135 pies were made and sold. Mary Lankford cleans up the alter at the church and after she was done someone told her there was one pie left and that she could have it. We had been talking about ice cream and that led to talking about pie and ice cream and that led to the pie sale.

Sara Hixon said she was a member of Pie-Over-Eaters Anonymous and had already eaten 2 Bobaloo Berry pies and it wasn’t even noon yet. Coralee also made some Crab Apple jelly from the tree right out in front of the Episcopal Church and Coralee and the jelly both looked so nice she agreed to help me make a nice photo.

Juli’s husband Paul and I started talking about bears for some reason and he thought I should wrap myself in bacon and go off into the woods if I loved bears so much, and in response I told him he had a funny looking moustache that looked suspiciously like a wolfs. A crowd soon gathered and threatened us with a pie fight so we each went in opposite directions down the sidewalk throwing creative insults over our shoulder until we couldn’t hear each other anymore.

I thought it was real cute this year how so many kids just walked up…or rode up and asked to have their picture taken, so of course I had to take them. A few people showed off babies…so you’ll see some of them in the photo section, too.

Up at the rodeo grounds Doug Vickery was helping Josh Adams hook The Stars and Stripes to a big boom crane to be raised above the crowd. He was holding the anchor rope and I thought I might get a good photo. Eventually the flag went up about 70 feet and all the hats came off in respect.

After that, Todd Stevie had a mic in his hands and announced a $100 prize if someone could hook their cowboy hat on the horns of the bull no one had been able to ride. Only one person tried and I think he did it, but the announcer’s angle must have been better than mine.

Next came bull poker and there were only 2 guys dumb enough to play. The bull came running and the guy at the far end of the table took off, spinning his boots in the dirt like they were tires losing traction, but the near end guy stayed put…he was a big tree trunk looking man and the bull gave him a good bump with his horns and that was all, so the guy made money.

Sorry to be all NASCAR wreck lover on the saddle bronc photos, but some of those "get offs" were pretty spectacular and I checked with Doc Sare’ and he said it was okay to show them, so…enjoy!

Up at the Pageant, I met Jared Rogerson who was playing the role of early explorer Captain Stewart. As I took photos I said I liked his horse. "I sort of inherited the horse," he said. "He had been in the Rendezvous about 8 times before and I liked the sound of that so I bought him."

After that I saw Rex Hamner who was running the 4-H hamburger stand. He said he was thinking of taking a meat temperature probe over and check to see if any mountain men were getting too over-heated. It was about 86 degrees and I agreed they looked awful hot under all that fur, but where was he going to stick ‘em? "Oh no, not me," Rex said. "That’s where you come in. I’ve seen your interview techniques…I think you can get away with it without getting cut up too bad."

The last event was the Annual Rendezvous Beard Shaving and Calcutta Fundraiser. 31 competitors entered this year and $12,485 was raised. I hardly recognized people when they were all done with the shaving. I guess I didn’t write down his name, but one young man that got his moustache shaved off had had it for 18 years. He must be getting married or something.

Well, there it is folks…the end of another Rendezvous. I’m sorry everyone I took photos of didn’t make it into the story. But if you contact me we might be able to find them if you want to buy a copy. All the low rez photos on the site can be used for personal purposes. I sell the hi-rez images to friends and family of the person only. If you feel I have made an error in any way, please let me know and I'll make corrections.
Terry Allen:

A special thank you to Dawn Ballou of Pinedale Online for hiring me to cover the Rendezvous story this year.

If you have a story you think deserves to be told, please contact Dawn.

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  • Edu from Peru Makes Jewelry. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Edu from Peru Makes Jewelry

    Delsa Got the Best Booth. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Delsa Got the Best Booth

    Boy and his Uncle at Derby. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Boy and his Uncle at Derby

    Jogi from Bavaria. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Jogi from Bavaria

    Flint Striker Jesse Colson and Finn. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Flint Striker Jesse Colson and Finn

    Juli Cook the Pie Seller. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Juli Cook the Pie Seller

    The Licking Girls and brother Axel. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Licking Girls and brother Axel

    The Shires. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Shires

    Baby Kinsley LaVoie. Photo by Luke LaVoie.
    Baby Kinsley LaVoie

    Flag Wavers. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Flag Wavers

    Meet me on the Green. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Meet me on the Green

    Father De Smet. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Father De Smet

    Comfortable Rider. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Comfortable Rider

    Rodeo Royalty. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Rodeo Royalty

    The Holmes from Wyoming and Texas. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Holmes from Wyoming and Texas

    The Moss Family. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Moss Family

    Aylen and Hossensauce. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Aylen and Hossensauce

    Fire Department and Darren Hull. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Fire Department and Darren Hull

    First the Hat Goes. Photo by Terry Allen.
    First the Hat Goes

    Following the Hat. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Following the Hat

    Phil Mac. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Phil Mac

    Got Him. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Got Him

    Phil and Roger. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Phil and Roger

    Got Another One. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Got Another One

    Have Some Dirt. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Have Some Dirt

    Blaine Style. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Blaine Style

    The Beer Guys. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Beer Guys

    4-H Burger Line. Photo by Terry Allen.
    4-H Burger Line

    Doug Vickery Anchors The Flag. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Doug Vickery Anchors The Flag

    Bull Poker. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Bull Poker

    Hat on the Horns for $100. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Hat on the Horns for $100

    Meet a Bullfighter. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Meet a Bullfighter
    Ritchie Farnsworth of Utah

    Moon Over the Rodeo. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Moon Over the Rodeo

    Jared Rogerson as Captain Stewart. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Jared Rogerson as Captain Stewart

    Antelope Soldiers. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Antelope Soldiers

    Dance at Pageant. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Dance at Pageant

    Pacifying the Indians. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Pacifying the Indians

    Nevin. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Patrick and Caitlin. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Patrick and Caitlin

    Stunningly Beautiful Barbers of the Evening. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Stunningly Beautiful Barbers of the Evening
    Brooke and Caitlin

    After 18 Years it Comes Off. Photo by Terry Allen.
    After 18 Years it Comes Off

    Kayden the Goat Cheese Maker. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Kayden the Goat Cheese Maker
    Farmers Market in the Park
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