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Pinedale Online > News > February 2017 > Teton Pass opening delayed, Hoback Canyon reopens

Glory Bowl on Teton Pass. Photo by WYDOT.
Glory Bowl on Teton Pass
Glory Bowl avalanche slide across Teton Pass. Photo courtesy WYDOT.

Glory Bowl avalanche close up. Photo by WYDOT.
Glory Bowl avalanche close up
This closer view of the Glory Bowl avalanche. The two people standing on top of the slide show the scale of the amount of snow that slid across the highway and needs to be removed. Teton Pass has been closed for several days as road crews work to remove the snow, which was triggered by an avalanche control effort.

Avalanche removal work. Photo by WYDOT.
Avalanche removal work
Photo courtesy WYDOT

Rotary Plow. Photo by WYDOT.
Rotary Plow
Avalanche removal work. Photo courtesy WYDOT
Teton Pass opening delayed, Hoback Canyon reopens
February 11, 2017

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has pushed back the opening of Teton Pass to at least Sunday, Feb. 12.

Crews had hoped to open Teton Pass on Saturday, but delayed it because of the large amounts of snow that have come down on Glory Bowl and Twin slide paths. Crews, however, will work to open Teton Pass (WYO 22), between the Idaho state line and Jackson, sooner if possible.

"Our crews are the best in the business," said Tory Thomas, district maintenance engineer for District 3 in Rock Springs. "They know that pass like the back of their hand. There is no one that could get this specialized work done any faster or more efficiently than our guys."

WYDOT crews continued to battle the relentless rainfall, which has brought down snowpack onto Teton County highways. Crews worked continuously to keep Hoback and Snake River canyons open.

After opening the gates at about noon on Friday, Feb. 10, WYDOT crews had to close Hoback Canyon again at 2:40 p.m. because of an avalanche at milepost 152. The avalanche measured about 8 feet tall across both travel lanes. WYDOT reopened Hoback Canyon (US 189-191), south of Jackson and southeast of Hoback Junction, after 5 p.m. on Friday.

Snake River Canyon (US 26-89), west of Hoback Junction, reopened at 10 a.m. on Friday.

WYDOT has mobilized extra equipment and manpower to help crews respond quickly and effectively in both canyons in case of further avalanches and to assist in clearing Teton Pass.

WYDOT would like to remind drivers to slow down when driving in winter conditions, be alert and cautious of roadside workers and obey all traffic control devices.

For more information on closures and weather conditions, please visit

For more information concerning WYDOT activities, contact Stephanie Harsha, public involvement specialist, WYDOT District 3, at (307) 352-3065 or at (307) 389-0790.

Progress on WYO22. Photo by WYDOT.
Progress on WYO22
WYDOT crews work on reopening the road over Teton Pass. Photo courtesy Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Snow across the highway. Photo by WYDOT.
Snow across the highway
No one has been injured in any of the avalanches that have crossed the highways this winter. Slides have occured in Hoback Canyon, Snake River Canyon, and Teton Pass. Photo courtesy WYDOT.

Snow slide. Photo by WYDOT.
Snow slide
An avalanche blocks US 191/189 in Hoback Canyon between Bondurant and Hoback Junction in western Wyoming. Photo courtesy WYDOT

Working to clear the road. Photo by WYDOT.
Working to clear the road
Photo courtesy WYDOT

Rotary plow avalanche work. Photo by WYDOT.
Rotary plow avalanche work
Photo courtesy WYDOT
Pinedale Online > News > February 2017 > Teton Pass opening delayed, Hoback Canyon reopens

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