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Jesse Has the Spirit. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jesse Has the Spirit
For a good time, call Black Mountain Rental (formerly Pinedale Rental)

Jensen Feeds. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jensen Feeds
Gotta love the aroma in a feed store. So, this is also the place where Ken Lake made his connection for his load of bulls to Montana. This is also where you can get hooked up with some of those Cattle Baron cigars I mentioned.

Talli Tries on an Isabel Creation. Photo by Terry Allen.
Talli Tries on an Isabel Creation
Isabel's Jewelry & Gifts

Pinedale Pawn Has Some Unique Gifts. Photo by Terry Allen.
Pinedale Pawn Has Some Unique Gifts

Koriann Shepard Makes Real Nice Cookies. Photo by Terry Allen.
Koriann Shepard Makes Real Nice Cookies
Napa Auto Parts serves Koriann's treats.

Mike Grove Has Some Good Stories. Photo by Terry Allen.
Mike Grove Has Some Good Stories
Real nice flooring and mattresses at Rocky Mountain Home Center.
Christmas Stories While Shopping and Strolling
Buying Local In Pinedale
by Terry Allen
December 12, 2016

Dave Schwab out at Pinedale lumber told me a lady from New York called him and asked how much a deck for her son would cost. After getting some particulars, Dave sold her a gift certificate for $2500.00.

I ran into Finley and Micah Strong in Ridleys and they told me the number one thing they wanted for Christmas was to see their grandparents. Their Mother Natalie said it was going to happen.

Mike Grove over at Rocky Mountain Home Center showed me a stuffed bear he has, and we decided it must be a Black and Grizzly cross due to the small hump in its neck.

Ken Williams was getting some Hi-Rev mocha coffee at Obos and we got to talking about moving cattle which is what he does in his semi. Hed just taken a load of bulls up to Montana and the rancher had given him a Cattle Baron cigar. I said I was a cigar smoker and Ken said he liked to smoke one while he drank a Bloody Mary. When I said Id have to get me one, he went out to his truck and got that Cattle Baron cigar and gifted me with it. Thanks Ken.

Rilee works at Verizon and the funniest story she has heard in the phone business is when a young couple broke up. The girl called the phone in as stolen and then gave him a list of everything she had bought him. She placed a dollar value on it all and then added interest. She wanted all that cash back.

Randy Belton at ReBel Auto Parts was flying his flag at half mast in honor of John Glenn. John was also a Marine, so Randy had his Marine flag flying, too.

Aaron Fandek was all right posing for a photo and since I was curious I asked him how he got into saddle making. "I was doing a little bit of leather work up in Billings, but I had never made one," he said. "After a while, I decided Id make a saddle for myself. When other people saw it they wanted one too and so I just kept a goin".

Thanks to everyone for all your stories and all your Christmas treats. It's a real nice way to spend a couple days.

A big thanks to Dawn at Pinedaleonline for sponsoring this photo-story. I know she hired me to do it because she wants to encourage people to buy locally. I sure do appreciate that she likes my stories of local folks.

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  • Doug and Jacqui Strike. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Doug and Jacqui Strike

    Stripped Shopper. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Stripped Shopper
    She wouldn't say what was in the bag.

    Juanita Looks Happy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Juanita Looks Happy

    Union Wireless. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Union Wireless
    Izzy is ready to lick your hand and Mitch can help you find the right phone at Sublette Communications.

    Heritage Quilts. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Heritage Quilts
    Sue is the expert on sewing machines and quilting supplies, but she also sells great gift items.

    Kaspur of Office Outlet. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Kaspur of Office Outlet
    Come on down and check out the books by local authors.

    The Food Basket. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Food Basket
    Carol and Levi display a couple nice items.

    Kandis Likes Roses at Ridley's. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Kandis Likes Roses at Ridley's
    Not a surprise since she's a skater with Wind River Skate Club.

    Fred is a Good Wrapper. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Fred is a Good Wrapper
    The Great Outdoor Shop wraps gifts at no charge. Find skis, snowboards, outdoor gear, rentals and more here. (Fred can autograph his books too...)

    Fandek Saddles. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Fandek Saddles
    A nice place to sit by the fire while your saddle gets made.

    Jaks Has Flowers From Ecuador. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Jaks Has Flowers From Ecuador
    They also can tan you, cut your hair and dress you in fine clothes. Great baby section too.

    Ken Lake. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Ken Lake
    Ken was having some Obo's coffee and sharing stories of the road. btw, go over to the Jensen Feeds photo for more of the story.

    Two Rivers. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Two Rivers
    Mike Kaul sure has a nice fly fishing shop. Authorized Orvis dealer, Two Rivers Emporium,

    Phil Found a Great Book. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Phil Found a Great Book

    Hemingway and Sandy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Hemingway and Sandy
    Hemingway invites all the boys and girls to come on down to the Cowboy Shop and ride his Quarter horse.

    Napa Auto Parts. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Napa Auto Parts
    Ryan and his team can get you up and running.

    Clean Wash. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Clean Wash
    Gift certificates and your favorite dry cleaning service is back up and running.

    Eugenio Lunching at Old Stones. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Eugenio Lunching at Old Stones
    Great pizza here...

    Pour Your Own at Country Lane. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Pour Your Own at Country Lane
    Beverages in holiday packaging.

    Whispering Pines Has a Lot of Nice Gift Ideas. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Whispering Pines Has a Lot of Nice Gift Ideas

    Charlie and Her Bacon Wrapped Peppers. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Charlie and Her Bacon Wrapped Peppers
    An Obo's specialty.

    Randy at ReBel Auto Parts. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Randy at ReBel Auto Parts

    Scott and Deb. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Scott and Deb
    Buying for a sock exchange party.

    The Stitching Post. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Stitching Post
    Laura can put any design on your clothing.

    A Quick Time Out. Photo by Terry Allen.
    A Quick Time Out
    Some antique jewelry collected by Bob Bing's Mother at the Cowboy Shop. Not for sale.

    Long Lines at Family Dollar. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Long Lines at Family Dollar

    Verizon Store. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Verizon Store
    Very efficient help with your smart phone.

    Altitude Pharmacy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Altitude Pharmacy
    You can also get guitars made out of license plates.

    Mae at Pinedale Art and Crafts. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Mae at Pinedale Art and Crafts
    She is holding up the next painting class project.

    A to Z is the Place for Bikes. Photo by Terry Allen.
    A to Z is the Place for Bikes

    Office Outlet. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Office Outlet
    A nicely done window.

    Joe and Decking. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Joe and Decking
    Black Mountain Lumber (formerly Pinedale Lumber)

    Bucky's Has Some Fine Machines. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Bucky's Has Some Fine Machines
    Authorized Polaris dealer, snowmachines, ATVs and more for outdoor play and fun...
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