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The Courthouse Tree. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Courthouse Tree

Santa's Cool Truck. Photo by Terry Allen.
Santa's Cool Truck
Photos by Terry Allen

Carmen the Grinch. Photo by Terry Allen.
Carmen the Grinch

The Chamber of Commerce. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Chamber of Commerce

Hair Outfitter and Spa. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hair Outfitter and Spa
Keri gives a relaxing therapeutic massage to one of Sublette Counties favorite Cowgirls.

Bonfire for the Herd. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bonfire for the Herd
Mountain Man Christmas
Parade of Lights, Courthouse Tree Lighting, Shop and Stroll and Holiday Open House
by Terry Allen
December 11, 2016

They say this is the season to make your list and check it twice, so I kept notes on all the retailers in town who offered adult beverages and hearty snacks.

But, the first stop was the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center. It was so packed you had to use your elbows to gain any ground toward the bar. But since everyone was doing it, nobody seemed to mind if you accidentally sloshed a little beverage on yourself or your neighbor. Down at around ankle and foot level, manís best four-legged friends and a few tots in the non-speaking age group were busily vacuuming up cheese chunks, salami slices, rice wrapped in grape leaves and chocolate chips that had rolled off of cookies.

A couple of young men were manning the bar. One guy was pouring wine from the Jackson Hole Winery and the other one was setting up shots of vodka made over in Driggs, Idaho. He was running about 8 different flavors, so just to be polite, I tried them all. Prrreetty good!

About the time Iíd spilled everything I was balancing on my camera, I overheard Larry Zuckerman, otherwise known as Santa at the library, say it was about time for Joel to light the tree. Joel Bousman has lit the tree every year since he became a county commissioner and he figured this year made it ten. Anyway, he flipped the ceremonial switch and the lights danced skyward. It seemed like the lights were a bit dimmer than last year. My camera thought so too.

I walked by Jackson Hole Land Trustís Green River office and noticed Laura Hattan of the Great Outdoors Shop had dressed Bianca in snow sport attire and she was standing in the big window. Bianca is a 6 foot Mannequin that I had bought from Ida Johnston a couple years ago. Ida is a photographer and she practiced portraits on her. I liked the idea and made her an offer she couldnít refuseÖabout $80 as I recall. I went by their house to pick her up and her husband and deputy sheriff Wes loaded her into the bed of my pick up. We looked at her bare legs hanging out over the tailgate for a minute and finally Wes said, "Iíll call dispatch so you donít get pulled over going across town." So, thatís how I ended up loaning Bianca to Mindi and Laura. Thought youíd like to know.

I stopped by Boondocks and someone bought me a beer. As I was sipping it, I noticed John Deardorf holding a new baby. I asked if it was a grandchild and he said it wasnít, it belonged to some young woman across the crowd. He said sheíd just plopped it into his arms and gone to get some ice cream. I think thatís what he said. Remember, I had about 8 shots, 2 wines and now a beer in me.

Suddenly I remembered Mike Kaul had invited me up to his place at Two Rivers so I stepped off in that direction. Iíll pause for a moment and mention something I didnít know about until I became a photographer and reporter of sorts. Folks think you pretty much know everything that is going on in town. In the beginning, I guess I did pay a bit more attention, but it became too much pretty quick. Anyway, as I made my way up the frozen sidewalk, I was asked repeatedly why the big island of snow right down the middle of the street wasnít removed. I didnít know why and for once I didnít make up an answer, mostly because I heard sirenís up the street which signaled the start of the parade.

It seemed to be a pretty relaxed parade, hearkening back to the days before the latest gas boom. It was a tailgate event. Chairs in the back of pickups and BBQís throwing off smoke, strollers and papoose families facing toward the parade. Somebody was riding a motorcycle and doing donuts in the snow in between the floats. Kids were riding with their cop and fireman Dads in the various official vehicles. Candy was being thrown every which way.

Iíll just let the pictures tell the rest of the story. You might notice a few photos that seem a bit out of place. Thatís because I have a new co-sponsor for this storyÖMargie Nystrom at Hair Outfitter and Spa. In case you donít know, she has a very nice place down past the forest service. You can get a massage, chiropractic, your nails done and your hair done in every which way, too. Margie also sells gift certificates for all their services in case you want to give a special gift to friends and family. A few of her sauna-loving friends eagerly agreed to have their pictures taken to help illustrate what Hair Outfitter has to offer. My favorite things were a tossup between the chocolates on the counter and the amazing green jungleÖor in other words, the solarium.

A big thanks also goes to Dawn and Pinedale Online for just letting me write the stories and take the pictures of our extraordinary life here in Pinedale.

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  • Steaming in the Sun. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Steaming in the Sun
    Nora, Tiffany and Lana ran out of the hot sauna into the sunny but freezing air for maximum effect at the Hair Outfitter and Spa.

    The 4-H Express. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The 4-H Express

    Union Wireless Entry. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Union Wireless Entry

    Tamra Selfie. Photo by Tamra.
    Tamra Selfie
    Nice things can happen when you set your camera down and go get a glass of wine in Pinedale

    John and a Fresh One. Photo by Terry Allen.
    John and a Fresh One
    Someone just asked me to hold it.

    Search and Rescue. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Search and Rescue

    Nora. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Hey Dad, the candy cane doesn't go in my ear.

    Ryan Linnemeyer and his son. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Ryan Linnemeyer and his son
    A ride to remember.

    Sublette County Unified Fire. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Sublette County Unified Fire

    Landon Call and his son. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Landon Call and his son
    A ride with Dad to remember.

    Dave Stephens. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Dave Stephens
    It's a street party.

    Santa and His Helpers. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Santa and His Helpers

    Sandy and the Bucky's Entry. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Sandy and the Bucky's Entry

    Green River Gear. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Green River Gear
    Another interesting project by Jeff Goltz.

    Town Grader. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Town Grader
    Blade Up.

    Kathy Raper. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Kathy Raper

    The Hair Outfitter Green Solarium. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Hair Outfitter Green Solarium
    Facing the winter sun.

    Rachel, Joel and Granddaughter. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Rachel, Joel and Granddaughter

    Snow Explorers. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Snow Explorers

    Sublette County Rural Health Care Clinic. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Sublette County Rural Health Care Clinic

    Trick Rider. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Trick Rider

    Warming By the Chamber Fire. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Warming By the Chamber Fire

    Pinedale Volunteer Fire. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Pinedale Volunteer Fire
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