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Pinedale Online > News > December 2016 > Live Nativity at The Dick Noble Ranch

Your Host at the Nativity Fire. Photo by Terry Allen.
Your Host at the Nativity Fire

Entry to the Ranch. Photo by Terry Allen.
Entry to the Ranch

Reading the Nativity Story. Photo by Terry Allen.
Reading the Nativity Story

Entering the Stable. Photo by Terry Allen.
Entering the Stable

Bowing Heads in Prayer. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bowing Heads in Prayer
Live Nativity at The Dick Noble Ranch
A Living Tradition
by Terry Allen
December 25, 2016

For close to 30 years Dick Noble hosted a live nativity at his ranch in Cora, Wyoming. It started off with his family and a few of their friends and neighbors, but even though Dick has now passed on, the tradition continues in his name. The event has grown to a large crowd of even more friends and neighbors, probably numbering well over 100.

You drive down a snow drifted dirt road a mile or so long to get to his ranch. Starting at his cattle guard the road becomes illuminated by candles. You follow the candles and end up at a large fire.

There at the fire you hear the story of the first nativity. At the end of the story, members of the community dressed as Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, Wise men, Shepherds, and Angels begin a journey to find refuge from the cold night.

The visitors to the nativity follow the costumed actors down a cold and snowy road and witness Joseph and Mary being turned away at The Inn.

They then follow them into the stable and gather round them as a holy light shines down. There, they pray, sing and marvel at the new born Jesus.

Wise men dressed as Cowboys offer gifts from their saddle bags.

At the close of the event, children are invited forward for photos, and to pet the donkeys in the stable.

Everyone is welcome to use these photos in this story for their personal use. Thank you for allowing me to tell your story.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you to Dawn Ballou of Pinedale Online for sponsoring this story.

Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. Photo by Terry Allen.
Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus

Three Wise Men Bearing Gifts. Photo by Terry Allen.
Three Wise Men Bearing Gifts

Turned Away From the Inn. Photo by Terry Allen.
Turned Away From the Inn

Last Year's Baby Jesus. Photo by Terry Allen.
Last Year's Baby Jesus

A Couple of Angels. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Couple of Angels

Singing Silent Night. Photo by Terry Allen.
Singing Silent Night
Pinedale Online > News > December 2016 > Live Nativity at The Dick Noble Ranch

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