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Pinedale Online > News > October 2016 > Path of the Pronghorn

After the snowstorm. Photo by Trappers Point Wildlife Overpass webcam.
After the snowstorm
Trappers Point Wildife Overpass webcam view of several herds moving through on Monday, October 17th after the Pinedale area got 14 inches of snow overnight.

Before the snowstorm. Photo by Trappers Point Wildlife Overpass webcam.
Before the snowstorm
There have been lots of herds moving through since mid-September. This was a view on Sunday, October 16th before the snowstorm.

See more videos. Photo by Trappers Point Wildlife Overpass Webcam.
See more videos
Go to to see many more videos of the spring and fall pronghorn migration.
Path of the Pronghorn
Trappers Point Wildlife Overpass webcam gives people a closeup view of the antelope migration in progress
by Pinedale Online!
Original post October 18, 2016 | Updated October 20, 2016

Editor's Note: We've updated this story to add three new videos of pronghorn and deer on the wildlife overpass. See links at the end of the story.

The heavy snowstorm on Monday has kicked antelope moving into high gear across the Trappers Point wildlife overpass just west of the Cora Junction, between Pinedale and Daniel. The Trappers Point wildlife overpass webcam gives people a close up view of the animals as they move to wintering grounds south in the Green River Valley.

These guys can move REALLY FAST when they want to and can go from horizon to horizon in just three minutes. It can be kind of hard to see them when there is cloud cover low light and moving through the snow. The beaten path they take through the snow is very obvious. Of course, the timing between herds is completely unpredictable, but there are many herds moving through right now. Watch for a shimmey of moving little white dots in the distance to spot them coming.

The camera operates on an automatic patrol and every couple of minutes pans from north to the compass point views to take a snapshot. If a camera administrator is logged in at the time, they might follow the individual herds as they pass through to try to track the paths they take from north to south through the area and on the ridgeline in the far distance. (If the view turns black while you are watching, just move your mouse a little bit to reconnect to the camera. It uses cell phone and satellite technology to connect to the camera and disconnects inactive viewers after about 30 seconds to save bandwidth.)

The views are video recorded so the recordings can be studied by wildlife biologists for future animal behavior research. Some of the highlights of those movements from this yearís spring and fall migration are posted on the website. Go to to see the pronghorn antelope migration webcam.

Update: New videos
Here are three new videos taken mid-October of antelope and deer on the overpass.

Here are three new videos taken mid-October of antelope and deer on the overpass.

Monday, October 17, 2016 11:07 AM
First snow of winter
14" of snow fell overnight causing large herds of pronghorn to move south and cross on the overpass creating a well-marked trail for the herds to follow. Herd diverted by a pickup truck parked at south gate.
(4 minutes 2 seconds)

Monday, October 17, 2016 11:18 PM
Night shot of a pronghorn herd crossing the overpass.
Using moonlight, the webcam captures blurry ghostlike images of a large herd of pronghorn moving south across the overpass in the middle of the night, after the first day of significant snowfall in the Upper Green River Valley.
(2 minutes 20 seconds)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 1:08 PM
Traffic jam on the overpass
Five deer are on the overpass when two pronghorn appear and want to cross over.
(1 minutes 53 seconds)

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Pinedale Online > News > October 2016 > Path of the Pronghorn

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