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Pinedale Online > News > July 2016 > Green River Rendezvous Downtown in Pictures

Chase and Brooke. Photo by Terry Allen.
Chase and Brooke
Shave that chinny chin chin.

Navajo Rock Art. Photo by Terry Allen.
Navajo Rock Art

Mountain Man. Photo by Terry Allen.
Mountain Man
Last moments before the close shave.

Face Painting Surprise. Photo by Terry Allen.
Face Painting Surprise
Looking in the mirror.

Floozies and the Boys at Boondocks. Photo by Terry Allen.
Floozies and the Boys at Boondocks

The Clown With No Name. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Clown With No Name

Rumours of Keith Richard. Photo by Terry Allen.
Rumours of Keith Richard
At Boondocks

Baptism on Pine Creek. Photo by Kay Morris.
Baptism on Pine Creek
Baby Kate is baptized by Rev. Jami Anderson of St. Andrews Episcopal Church. Photo by Kay Morris.
Green River Rendezvous Downtown in Pictures
by Terry Allen and Keegan Hankins
July 12, 2016

Sublette County sure does like to get dressed up and walk, run, drink, throw, paint, sing, eat, lift, spray, play, fish, pray, pose, joust, knap, bake, bend, snap, rope, steam, cook, buy, sell, shave, auction, ride, gallop, drive, roll, baptize and dance thru our four day Green River Rendezvous celebration.

Keegan Hankins asked if he could tag along on my mountain man interviews and learn the reporter biz, so I put him right to work on Traders Row.

"Terry and I started at the wood burner; the mountain man burnt kidsí initials into wood guns. He used a piece of glass to focus the sun to make the beam hot enough it would burn wood. He said, "I have been doing this for 30 years." So we moved on to a guy who liked to teach kids to throw tomahawks. I took a turn myself, but the first time I missed. A few more times I missed then one hit the target but it didnít go into the target. The tomahawk guyís name was Don; he was from Utah. Then we went to Timís root beer shop. I tried the vanilla cream; I liked it so much I got a green $5 bottle of vanilla cream. Then Terry asked me what we were missing in our interviews. I thought for a minute and then asked, "women"? "Yep," he said. "So what are we gonna do"? "Go look for women,"? I asked? Terry pointed at the back of someone with long hair and said "that looks like a girl right there," so I asked her what kind of Sasparilla she liked and I think she said Birch." Her name was April Grover. After that Terry had to go and work fast with his camera and interviews, so I went and shopped at Traderís Row.

Sylvia was making historic quality tintype photographs at her booth that she thought might keep the image for 200 years or so. "I saw a 19th century photograph and I wanted to do one myself," she said.

Hailey Harber had a booth selling the nicest silver jewelry this side of Taos. "My grandmother collected these pieces for most of her life," she said. "Pretty much all of them are at least 100 years old."

Logan Bing seemed to be spending money like he won the lottery. "I bought a $14 cream soda, then an $8 birch and cream soda, and then I bought this $10 sword," he said. "I have a lot of money left."

Kim Clark from southern Arizona was selling Navajo art painted on flat rocks. "A 14 year old boy and a 15 year old that live along the rim at Canyon DeChelly painted those authentic symbols on the rocks for this trip," she said.

The Harber family was giving away a stroller full of kittens in American Legion Park. "We have a Rainbow Unicorn," said Elliette. "We also have a Tiger Lily that we thought was a girl," said Agnes.

Lynn Babcock seemed to have the greatest selection of baked goods of the whole event. "I got up at 3:00 am to start making all this," she said. I pleaded starvation and poverty and Lynn fed me a rhubarb crisp to keep me going with my interviews, and I still owe her $1.50 for it.

Right about then, our new sheriff K.C. Lehr gave me a ring back. I had wanted to confirm the new sheriff uniform. "I havenít formally announced it yet," he said. "But, yes, the rumor is true. Everyone in the department can wear cowboy boots, hats and Leviís as long as they are professional looking. They have to buy their own Leviís though."


The Corral Bar was serving Kimís famous Bloody Marys. "I made 20 gallons," she said. "Iíve been doing this for 15 years. They were voted best in the county."

Little Annie Tibbets was in The Cowboy Shop trying on hats. Sheíd put one on and then shake her head wildly as if she was on a bucking bronc. Annie was in town from Nevada visiting her aunt and uncle, Wade and Kyndall Tibbets.

Mary Lankford was helping with the beard shaving fundraiser and watched me counting bidders. "We have a couple bidders who are very generous," she said. "They buy a lot of hair."

Thus, with a bunch of freshly skinned mountain man hooting outside Stockman's, this years events ended Sunday evening.

Feel free to download images from this story. I do sell printable, hi-resolution images.

Finally, a big thanks to my student journalist, Keegan Hankins. You did real good, Pard.

Dancer. Photo by Terry Allen.

Wind River Dancer. Photo by Terry Allen.
Wind River Dancer

McKenzie Herrod. Photo by Terry Allen.
McKenzie Herrod

Samantha Rise. Photo by Terry Allen.
Samantha Rise
Music in the Courtyard with Ryan.

Cheyenne. Photo by Terry Allen.
A seriously dedicated Rendezvous model.

New Sublette County Sheriff Uniform Option. Photo by SCSO.
New Sublette County Sheriff Uniform Option
Left to right: Dave Seifkas, Mike Hueckstaedt, Dan McClure, Jacob Norman, Justin Hays.

The Colors. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Colors

Jonah President Craig Manaugh. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jonah President Craig Manaugh
Passing out candy in the parade.

Interviewing April. Photo by Terry Allen.
Interviewing April

Mae Orm. Photo by Terry Allen.
Mae Orm
What her students were to paint.

Doug Wellemeyer. Photo by Terry Allen.
Doug Wellemeyer
With western attired Sheriff Deputy Scott Winer in the background.

Daniel Volunteer FD. Photo by Terry Allen.
Daniel Volunteer FD
Cooling off the kids.

Ben Marshal in the Park. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ben Marshal in the Park

Brian and Jared. Photo by Terry Allen.
Brian and Jared

Chris and Roy Truck. Photo by Terry Allen.
Chris and Roy Truck

Amy and Laura and Bloody Mary. Photo by Terry Allen.
Amy and Laura and Bloody Mary
At the Corral Bar.

Fish Winners. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fish Winners

Sylvia, TinType Photographer. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sylvia, TinType Photographer

Old Time Campaign. Photo by Terry Allen.
Old Time Campaign

Eduardo Makes Awesome Taco's. Photo by Terry Allen.
Eduardo Makes Awesome Taco's

Celebrating Wyomings Birthday. Photo by Terry Allen.
Celebrating Wyomings Birthday
Sean and Tamra

Pancake Breakfast at Community Church. Photo by Terry Allen.
Pancake Breakfast at Community Church

Art in the Park. Photo by Terry Allen.
Art in the Park

Dave Leniger. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dave Leniger

Pinedale Pawn. Photo by Terry Allen.
Pinedale Pawn
They passed out a lot of candy

Many Strings the Mountain Man. Photo by Terry Allen.
Many Strings the Mountain Man
Picks, while student journalist Keegan Hankins looks on.

Frances. Photo by Terry Allen.
Rendezvous Dance and Cheer leader.

Doug Goes Big. Photo by Terry Allen.
Doug Goes Big

Tomahawk Lessons. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tomahawk Lessons

Albert Cuts Out The Bull. Photo by Terry Allen.
Albert Cuts Out The Bull

Bob Steams a Hat. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bob Steams a Hat

Strongman. Photo by Terry Allen.

Bad Hand Terry. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bad Hand Terry

A Multi-Faceted Guy. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Multi-Faceted Guy

Free Kittens. Photo by Terry Allen.
Free Kittens

Scott and Hailey Sell Silver Masterpieces. Photo by Terry Allen.
Scott and Hailey Sell Silver Masterpieces

A Kitty on Canvas. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Kitty on Canvas

Ice Cream Smile. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ice Cream Smile

Krystal and her Little Mountain Man. Photo by Terry Allen.
Krystal and her Little Mountain Man

Woodburning Art. Photo by Terry Allen.
Woodburning Art
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