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Pinedale Online > News > March 2016 > Nominations sought for OCTA 2016 Outstanding Educator Award

Oregon-California Trails Association. Photo by OCTA.
Oregon-California Trails Association
Nominations sought for OCTA 2016 Outstanding Educator Award
by Oregon-California Trails Association
March 14, 2016

The Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA), founded in 1982, is a national organization dedicated to the study, preservation, interpretation, appreciation, and enjoyment of the western pioneer trails. It is now accepting nominations/applications for its award program to recognize outstanding achievement in educating students of various ages and abilities about the westward migration. The presentations will be made at the awards program on Tuesday, August 2, during OCTA’s convention, August 1-5, 2016. The convention will be held in Fort Hall, Idaho.

Nominations for the Outstanding Educator Award are open to any individual and/or group of educators or institution/museum that contributes significantly to students’ education about the 19th century westward overland migrations in the United States. The work may reflect a whole unit or special project within a unit or a course on westward migration. It will be considered for its unique or imaginative approach "above and beyond" the normal teaching of the topic, its appropriateness for the students’ level and range of abilities, the accuracy of its historical presentation, the range of student participation, and its effectiveness in presenting the topic to the students. The work for which the recipients will be honored must have been used during either the 2014-2015 or the 2015-2016 school year.

The five category levels for this award are:
1) Elementary - primary/intermediate grades
2) Middle school/Junior high
3) High school
4) Post secondary – college, university, adult education
5) Museum/park/institution

The recipients will be recognized at the annual OCTA convention and receive a framed certificate and an honorarium of $250.00. In addition, they will receive their convention registration and room and board for the day of the awards program.

For forms and additional information about this award and the nomination process, please contact:
Outstanding Educator Awards Program
Oregon-California Trails Association
524 South Osage Street / P.O. Box 1019
Independence, MO 64051

(816)-252-2276 – FAX (816)-836-0989
E-mail: /

The deadline for applications is March 31. Recipients should be notified by June.

Pinedale Online > News > March 2016 > Nominations sought for OCTA 2016 Outstanding Educator Award

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