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Pinedale Online > News > August 2015 > Town of Pinedale update: Safety
Town of Pinedale update: Safety
by Town of Pinedale
August 5, 2015

We have talked about safety, crosswalks, traffic, and bike lanes several times this year, but there are never too many reminders. Our lives are full of distractions and hurried trips. Two major issues are texting while driving and riding bikes through intersections. Imagine if a bike darts out while you are looking at your phone. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong when someone is injured.

Bicyclists, please remember a couple of recommendations to help keep you safe. Wear your helmet, even if you are just going a block or two, and also remember that you are only a pedestrian if you get off the bike, and walk it through the intersection. Riding across is often a much higher risk.

The HAWK lights (pedestrian lights) at Tyler Ave and Lake Ave can help you, but you must pause, look both ways, and wait for traffic to stop before entering the intersection. Be aware that vehicles are often traveling too fast to stop immediately. The HAWK lights are successful. The Wyoming Department of Transportation has conducted numerous studies that prove their overall safety for pedestrians and motor vehicles is more effective than traditional stop lights. Pinedale was the first in the state to get the HAWK lights and we will soon be the first in the State to have them upgraded. The Wyoming Department of Transportation is discussing modifications with Town and County Staff to ensure that we have the best system available. The discussion includes visibility and location of the lights. Specifically, WYDOT and the Town are considering relocating the HAWK light from Lake Ave and Pine Street to the corner of Lincoln Ave and Pine Street.

We here at the Town are also working to develop better solutions for our Bike Paths. These improvements are needed to meet the evolution of the Town’s priorities, school locations, and traffic flows.

We welcome your input while we research how we can better the trek between North and South on the bike paths as well as consider changing locations of the HAWK lights.

Again, remember to please slow down, stop texting while driving, and be careful when crossing streets. Having a safe Town is up to all of us.

Pinedale Online > News > August 2015 > Town of Pinedale update: Safety

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