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Pinedale Online > News > March 2015 > Water meter update from the Mayor
Water meter update from the Mayor
by Bob Jones, Mayor of Pinedale
March 4, 2015

As you know, the Town of Pinedale made the decision a few years ago to install water meters. Some of us questioned the idea and the implementation plans at the time. The bottom line is that that ship has sailed and we can complain and make the situation hard for everyone involved, or we can have a positive attitude and make the best out of the situation.

I have decided that I am going to do everything in my power to finish this project on a positive note. We have the best water system in the state, and I want to make it even better. Working together to complete this project so it improves our knowledge about how our water is used can only help us better manage one of our most cherished resources, water.

We have completed the installation of all but about 6 water meters and sending units. We will install the remaining meters when our summer residents return this summer. The meters are up and working and they are sending radio signals to the radio tower behind Town Hall. We are currently working out some technical details that will allow the information from the meters to integrate into our accounting software. As soon as we get the two systems talking to each other, we will start to add the amount of water you use to your quarterly water bill. This information will be for your information only. It will not be for billing purposes at this time. We are going to study water usage until we are comfortable with the Town’s current usage. This should be done by next winter. The reason for this study is to determine how much water it takes to run your bleeder line so you don't freeze up and how much water it takes to keep the grass watered so the Town does not go brown. When we have these numbers I anticipate we will set a base rate that will give you the required amount of water to operate a normal house, keep from freezing in the winter and keep you green in the summer. Usage beyond the base volume will be billed at a rate to be determined based on your meter reading. It is important that you use your water in a normal manner during this study period so we can determine accurate rates.

The Town Council is NOT going to set the rates in a vacuum. We will have public hearings so we can get your thoughts. I encourage as much participation as you can provide.

I really appreciate your patience throughout this project. We should be able to manage our resources better and hopefully save money in the long run once we are up and running.

I will keep you updated as we progress through the project.

Bob Jones

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