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Pinedale Online > News > May 2013 > WAPA honor Dave Vlcek with Distinguished Service Award

Dave Vlcek. Photo by Dave Vlcek.
Dave Vlcek
WAPA honors Dave Vlcek with Distinguished Service Award
May 5, 2013

The Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists (WAPA) honored Pinedale resident Dave Vlcek with the 2013 Distinguished Service Award at their annual meeting in April. Vlcek had a long career as an archaeologist with the Pinedale Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management. He recently retired and now has his own consulting company, Bonneville Archaeology, and is Vice-President of the local Upper Green River Basin Chapter of the Wyoming Archaeology Society.

"WAPA and the Wyoming archaeological community greatly appreciate the years of dedicated service that you have given to help further or knowledge of prehistoric and historic Wyoming. Oftentimes, your service was provided voluntarily, without compensation, and without any thought of a need for compensation. Wyoming’s archaeological record has benefited greatly from your dedication, and we hope that you accept this honor knowing that everything you have accomplished is greatly appreciated by all WAPA members, and all people who think of themselves as Wyoming Archaeologists or Historians," the commendation letter said.

"It is with great pleasure that we recognize Dave Vlcek for his dedication and commitment to the Heritage Resources of Wyoming. His passion leaves no question regarding his concern for and involvement in Wyoming Archaeology and history. His knowledge of and experience with our National Historic Trails and regional trails has benefitted our understanding of the Emigrant and Settlement Eras. Dave has been involved with the Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists since its earliest days. He has served on the executive Board during some of our organizations most difficult times.

His knowledge of archaeological principles and techniques has greatly affected the ways in which archaeology is being conducted in Wyoming. The methods we consider standard operating procedures today reflect his understanding of buried cultural materials and the means to discover them. They also are a product of his willingness to engage agencies, corporations and other individuals in discussions of how heritage resources are being treated and how they should be addressed, without regard to their interest in being involved." – signed Michael T. Bles, WAPA President.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > May 2013 > WAPA honor Dave Vlcek with Distinguished Service Award

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