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Pinedale Online > News > September 2012 > Mountain Man Museum offers free evening socials

Marie Dorion. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Marie Dorion
Jill Barber will tell the story of Marie Dorian, the only woman on the 1811 Astorian overland expedition, traveling with her husband and two infant children.

Big Day Family. Photo by Big Day Family.
Big Day Family
Dr. Adrian Heidenreich will talk about the Sun Dance lodge found near Pinedale and the Big Day family will perform traitional Crow Indian music.

Astorian 7. Photo by Scott Walker.
Astorian 7
Seven reenactors will replay the parts of the Astorians and their ordeal as they travelled through the Green River Valley 200 years ago. Their horses had been stolen by Indians and they were in nearly starving condition.
Mountain Man Museum offers free evening socials
Part of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Symposium in Pinedale Sept. 5-8th
by Pinedale Online!
September 3, 2012

The Museum of the Mountain Man will be hosting the 2012 Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Symposium Wednesday through Saturday, September 5th – 8th in Pinedale. The conference is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Astorians, whose overland expedition in 1812 took them from Astoria (Oregon) through the location of present-day Pinedale on their way back east.

As part of the conference, there will be free talks and socials held in the evenings on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Everyone is invited to come up to the Museum of the Mountain Man at 6:00PM and meet with the American Mountain Men and enjoy their "Shrub Bar" of brew, and have an opportunity to socialize with the Fur Trade scholars and symposium attendees. The talks start at 7:00PM each night at the Museum. Refreshments will be served. You don’t have to be a registered conference attendee to come to the socials – everyone welcome, and they are free!

Wednesday, September 5th: "Marie Dorion" – Marie Dorion, an Iowa Indian, was the only woman on the 1811 Astorian overland expedition. Hear how she and her two young children struggled on the trip to reach the Pacific Coast in 1811, told by Jill Barber in an inspiring first-person account.

Thursday, September 6th: "Crow Indian Sun Dance Lodge" – Two hundred years ago, on October 16, 1812, Robert Stuart documented an abandoned Crow Indian village on the banks of Pine Creek, where Pinedale is now located. In the village was a large tipi structure lodge, 150 feet around. Dr. Adrian Heidenreich, a Crow Indian historian, has identified this structure as a Crow Indian Sun Dance lodge. With his help, a replica of this impressive structure is being recreated on the Museum grounds for the symposium. Dr. Heidenreich will explain the Sun Dance lodge and its use in 1812. Alongside Dr. Heidenreich, members of the Montana Crow Nation, the Big Day family, will perform traditional Crow Indian music.

Friday, September 7th: "The Astorian Seven" - Two hundred years ago this October, Robert Stuart and six fellow Astorians crossed what we call the Rim, between present day Pinedale and Bondurant, and into the Green River Valley. They were horseless, starving and barely holding onto life. Seven reenactors will represent each member of Stuart’s original group bringing 1812 to life as they tell of the harrowing experiences the group endured in the Pinedale area. With winter coming on, Stuart had to keep the group together and navigate through a gap in the Rocky Mountains he had only heard about from campfire stories. This is a tale of people suddenly finding themselves afoot, shouldering their bundles and walking along the edge between survival and death by starvation, hoping to find help from friendly Indians, while avoiding those who might be hostile. If they lived to make it to Saint Louis, they would help fill in the map of the West. If not, their bones would become mysterious curiosities to future travelers.

For more information about the 2012 Fur Trade Symposium and the agenda, visit www.MMMuseum/2012 or call the Museum of the Mountain Man at 307-367-4101.

Pinedale Online > News > September 2012 > Mountain Man Museum offers free evening socials

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