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Pinedale Online > News > December 2010 > Pinedale Middle School 2010 Science Fair Results
Pinedale Middle School 2010 Science Fair Results
by Sublette County School District #1
December 12, 2010

Pinedale Middle School held their 2010 Science Fair last week.

Pinedale Middle School
Science Fair 2010 Results

Animal Science

1st Place: Riverside Café/Sonya Legerski
2nd Place: Border Patrol/Lexi Bishop & Morgan Rank
3rd Place: What is Whirling Disease?/Kaylum Thayne

Behavioral & Social Sciences
1st Place: Happy People/Amani Ballard & Chase Grove
2nd Place: Life of a Teen Stress Machine/Shelbi Tegeler
3rd Place (tie): Dare to be Aware/Heidi Feck
3rd Place (tie): AMazeing Mice/Catlin Hetrick

1st Place: Bear-ly a Calorie/Jordan Costello
2nd Place(tie): You Are What You Eat/Dani Blankenship
2nd Place (tie): Is Your Sugar Stabilized?/Sarah David & Savannah Rutsch
3rd Place (tie): School Food: Hazard or Healthy/Sierra Hosea
3rd Place (tie): Milk – It Does a Baby Good/Rebell Hyatt & Bianca Valenzuela

Cellular and Molecular Biology
1st Place: The Only Suspect is DNA/Savannah Miller

1st Place: Burn Baby Burn/Steven Winer & Dustin Jacobsen
2nd Place: Reaction!/Jace Buchanan
3rd Place: Bubble Blow Up/Guthrie Sturman & Dillon James

Earth and Planetary Science
2nd Place: Sinking with Temp./Lilly Murphy

Energy & Transportation
1st Place: Oilgae Efficiency/Devan LaMere
2nd Place (tie): Heat It Up/Sabrina Gay
2nd Place (tie): Gimme’ My Money/Dakota Cunningham
3rd Place (tie): Reflection Collection/Kolt Grove & Triston Reese
3rd Place (tie): 5 Feet High & Rising

Engineering: Electrical & Mechanical
1st Place: Floating on Air/Zach Andreasen
2nd Place: Suck it Up/Camille Whitehair
3rd Place: Generating Electricity/Renan Flukiger

Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering
1st Place: Generation H/Casey Jones
2nd Place: Structural Integrity/Tom Mitchell
3rd Place: What Color/Maeve Poulson

Environmental Management
1st Place: Cattle & Sage Grouse: Sharing the Land/Laura Noble
2nd Place: Wet it Down/Dawson Hoover & Wyatt Choate
3rd Place (tie): Bacteria Reappearia/Jordan Keefe
3rd Place (tie): Royal Soil/Abi Fear and Abby Nelson

Environmental Science
1st Place: Phos-Chek - Friend or Foe/Jeff Conners & Will Day
2nd Place: The End of Deathwater/Riley Irwin & Joe Shenefelt
3rd Place: Purification Location/Kassidy Williams

Medicine & Health
1st Place: On Your Mark, Get Set, Focus/Lily Jensen
2nd Place: Bye Bye Bacteria 2/Jessica Zapalac
3rd Place (tie): Does it Give You Wings/Brenden Lloyd
3rd Place(tie): Diabetic vs. Non Diabetic/Mira Davison & Emily Horne

1st Place: The Revival 2/Martin Primanis – Erickson
2nd Place(tie): Oxidation Sensation/Emmilee Eaton
2nd Place(tie): Bedbugs Begone/Hannah France
3rd Place(tie): Juicy Fruit 2/Rylee Ivie
3rd Place(tie): Kitchen Catastrophe/Mariah Craig & Hannah Mikel

Physics & Astronomy
1st Place: Ferro Flux/Casey Key
2nd Place: Bulletproof Material/Shayla Wright
3rd Place: Bow Madness/Cam Williams & Will Stough

Plant Sciences
1st Place: Does Water Works?/ Talyn Hutta
2nd Place: Green Machine/Josh Grant
3rd Place: Salt Sucker/Josie Pfaff

Best 3D Project Award
Kelby Woolf

People’s Choice Award
Border Patrol/Lexi Bishop & Morgan Rank

Principal’s Choice Award
Royal Soil/Abby Nelson & Abi Fear

Visual Display Award
1st Place: Royal Soil/Abby Nelson & Abi Fear
Honorable Mentions:
Amazeing Mice/Catlin Hetrick
Life of a Teen Stress Machine/Shelbi Tegeler
Green Machine/Josh Grant
Bow Madness/ Cameron Williams & Will Stough
Riverside Café/Sonya Legerski
Pulling Power/Ranon Hendrickson & Thomas Mack

Best in Fair
1st Place: Cattle and Sage Grouse: Sharing the Land/Laura Noble

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