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Pinedale Online > News > August 2010 > Big Piney Summer School learns about wildlife

Grizzly Track. Photo by Nan Stinson.
Grizzly Track

Grizzly Pelt. Photo by Nan Stinson.
Grizzly Pelt
Big Piney Summer School learns about wildlife
by Bridger-Teton National Forest
August 15, 2010

BIG PINEY Bridger-Teton National Forest employees visited Big Piney Elementary Summer School students to teach them about wildlife, water, and fire prevention. Students learned interesting facts about many of the species of wildlife that live nearby. They also learned that it is important to be respectful of the animals and always view them from a distance.

Jamie Tackel, Forestry Technician on the Big Piney Ranger District, taught the kids how to tell the difference between black bears and grizzlies. She explained how to avoid conflicts with bears by hiking in groups, singing a song so as not to startle a bear, and staying in the open where bears and other animals can see you. The students got to see some bear paws and tracks, pelts and see firsthand how large the claws and feet can get.

Adam LaDell, Fisheries Technician for the Pinedale Ranger District, showed the group what can happen when aquatic invasive species get into our water systems. Each child was given a cup of water and a straw. The straw represented the water pipes to our homes and the water flowed freely when the students sucked through the straw. After a species such as the Zebra Mussel invade the pipes, the water is constricted. The cups of water were replaced with cups of Jello and the students had a hard time sucking the "water" through the "pipe."

After the program, LaDell and Tackle, along with Fire Prevention Education Specialist Nan Stinson, presented the group with a puppet show, Smokey and the Careless Campers to teach the importance of putting out campfires.

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