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Pinedale Online > News > April 2010 > Yellowstone Winter visitor figures
Yellowstone Winter visitor figures
by Yellowstone National Park
April 5, 2010

Overall winter visitation to Yellowstone National Park rebounded a bit compared to the previous winter, but still remained below winter 2007-2008 levels.

Limited snowpack at the beginning and end of the most recent winter season limited the number of days snowmobiles and some types of snowcoaches could enter the park. The light snow year may also help account for the increase in people who came by car through the park’s North Entrance from December through March.

The total number of winter visitors is up over eight percent compared to the previous year, but is six percent lower than during 2007-2008. The total number of visitors traveling by oversnow vehicles remained flat compared to last year’s levels, with a small decrease in the number of snowmobile visitors offset by a slight increase in the number of visitors riding in snowcoaches. However, the total number of oversnow visitors remained well off the levels seen during the winter of 2007-2008.

December through March Winter Visitation:

Total Recreational Visitors:
2009-2010: 93,838
2008-2009: 86,784
2007-2008: 99,975

Auto, Bus and RV (North Entrance):
2009-2010: 54,437
2008-2009: 47,259
2007-2008: 50,175

By Snowmobile and Snowcoach:
2009-2010: 42,616
2008-2009: 42,380
2007-2008: 53,764

Snowmobile Visitors:
2009-2010: 22,228
2008-2009: 23,417
2007-2008: 31,420

Snowcoach Visitor:
2009-2010: 20,388
2008-2009: 18,963
2007-2008: 22,344

Yellowstone is currently operating under a temporary winter use plan, allowing for up to 318 commercially guided, best available technology (BAT) snowmobiles and 78 commercial snowcoaches a day in the park.

The daily average and peak snowmobile and snowcoach activity figures include both visitors who come through the park entrances, and those who start their day from Old Faithful.

Snowmobile and Snowcoach Winter Activity:

Snowmobiles-Daily Average:
2009-2010: 187
2008-2009: 205
2007-2008: 294

Snowmobiles-Peak Day:
2009-2010: 293
2008-2009: 426
2007-2008: 557

Snowcoaches-Daily Average:
2009-2010: 32
2008-2009: 29
2007-2008: 35

Snowcoaches-Peak Day:
2009-2010: 59
2008-2009: 54
2007-2008: 60

The park will operate under the temporary plan again for the winter 2010-2011 season. Public scoping has just concluded on a new Winter Use Plan and Environmental Impact Statement. A draft is expected to be released a year from now, with a final plan in place for the 2011-2012 winter season. More information on the winter use plan is available at

Pinedale Online > News > April 2010 > Yellowstone Winter visitor figures

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