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Pinedale Online > News > April 2010 > Calving Time
Calving Time
by DeeAnn Price
April 13, 2010

Iím getting plenty of exercise with trips to the field and the barn.
My muscles wonít stretch and my legs always ache, and I act just a little forlorn.

My alarm goes off for the night watch as I stumble once more from my bed.
Itís snowing outside and itís awfully cold and I feel like Iím half dead.

The cows just arenít behaving. Not another baby at night!
Weíve got to get the calf to the barn but Mommaís on the fight.

We called the vet at 2:00 a.m.; Caesarean number three.
Weíre only half through with the heifers and Doc doesnít do them for free.

We pulled another backwards calf and one with a foot back too.
The calving barn is already full but somehow weíll have to make do.

When it snows and blows and the temperature drops, itís calves with pneumonia and scours.
More antibiotics, electolytes and longer working hours.

We just put a new mother in the chute. Itís obvious that sheís mean.
She kicks and squirms and bellows but she canít do a thing.

Then she lifts her tail and lets it fly. The cow always wins in the end.
My coveralls are covered and my glasses are splattered again.

Her calf is dumb and hasnít got on. When I help he wonít suck or swallow.
He gives her bag a mighty bunt and hopes the milk will follow.

Yes. itís calving time and itís rough to get through, yet I marvel at every new birth.
And I love being part of the miracle and I never forget what itís worth.

So though I complain of the work and the pain when our busiest time is here;
Believe it or not, Iím telling the truth; itís my favorite time of the year!

Read for Sublette County Artistís Guild June 16, 1999 and submitted to the S.C.J. by DeeAnn Price. Courtesy Green River Valley Cattleman's Association Cowbelles.

Pinedale Online > News > April 2010 > Calving Time

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