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Pinedale Online > News > October 2009 > Map company confusion prompts caution from Chamber
Map company confusion prompts caution from Chamber
Second company peddling map is not sponsored by the Chamber
by Pinedale Online!
October 29, 2009

A confusion over "who is who?" has prompted a consumer alert from the Sublette County Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber has hired a company called Springhill Press to create a new area map for Sublette County. That company has sales representatives calling Chamber members at this time to see if they are interested in advertising on the map.

Confusion is occurring because a second company called "2nd To None Media Productions," from Peoria, Illinois, is also calling and e-mailing local area businesses about a city/county map they claim to be doing. This second company is not in any way affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce project, however some people appear to have been misled into thinking the two projects are one in the same.

Pinedale Online spoke with "Mindy" (no last name), a contact given in an e-mail as Project Manager for 2nd To None Media Productions at 309-966-0598 phone number. In that conversation she said they were doing a map for our area, but were not associated with the Chamberís project or any local sponsoring organization. The e-mail from her did not contain a physical address for this company and we were unable to find information about this company through web searches. Mindy told us she would e-mail us additional information about their map project, however we have not received any further contact from her since the phone conversation on Wednesday (Oct. 28th).

"The Chamber and Visitor Center are in no way affiliated with a company called 2nd To None Media Productions, nor do we sponsor any company claiming to be printing "The City/County Map," said Terrie Swift, Executive Director of the Sublette County Chamber of Commerce. "The Chamber strongly urges you to advertise in this map verses any alternative as we cannot confirm the legitimacy of the alternatives offered by 2nd To None Media Productions."

Sales representatives calling on Chamber membership on behalf of the Chamber map will identify themselves as being from Springhill Press from Mt. Vernon, Missouri. E-mails from them will be from " or".

If you have questions or concerns over which company representative you are speaking with, Pinedale Online recommends not giving out credit card information until you have identified the caller to your satisfaction as to which company they belong. We strongly recommend getting contact information, full names, physical street addresses, and any other contact information you can for representatives from 2nd To None Media Productions.

If you have concerns about any sales person who has contacted you, we recommend you contact the Chamber of Commerce as soon as possible to let them know of suspicious phone or e-mail advertising solicitation activity in our area. Call Terrie Swift or Rachel Grimes at 307-367-2242. E-mail:

We also would appreciate a "heads up" here at Pinedale Online (, 307-360-7689, for any information regarding suspicious or misleading advertising in our area at any time.

Pinedale Online > News > October 2009 > Map company confusion prompts caution from Chamber

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