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Pinedale Online > News > October 2009 > Camera found in the Wind River Mountains

Picture from found camera. Photo by .
Picture from found camera
This is Matt Sharrow from the July, 2008 NOLS trip (National Outdoor Leadership School). He says it isn't his camera, though, and he's not sure whose it is...

Matt Sharrow. Photo by .
Matt Sharrow
Update: Matt Sharrow wrote to ID himself (but it's not his camera).

Scroll down for more pictures that were on the camera

Camera found in the Wind River Mountains
Trying to locate the owner
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
Original post October 5, 2009 | Updated October 8, 2009

Do you recognize any of these people?

Update, Thursday, October 8, 8:25 PM: Still looking for the owner of the camera... - Dawn

Update, Wednesday, October 7, 10:00 PM: The owner of the camera still has not been found. - Dawn

Update, Tuesday, October 6, 6:10 PM: We've prety much confirmed that this is a trip for a July 2008 NOLS group (National Outdoor Leadership School). One person, Matt Sharrow, has identified himself (guy with the long hair). Rachel Drayer, NOLS Rocky Mountain Evacuation Supervisor is hot on the trail tracking down other participants of that trip. Thanks Rachel! Upon closer inspection, the camera date stamp is actually July, not August, 2008. We've linked to the NOLS website and Facebook page in the related links section at the end of this story. Stay tuned for more updates... Thanks everyone for writing in with comments and leads! Hopefully the owner of the camera will be found soon. - Dawn
Original story:

Backpackers recently found a camera on a rock in a remote area of the Wind River Mountains. The person who found it was able to retrieve the pictures off it and sent us this selection of images to post online in the hopes someone will recognize the people to find the camera owner. The pictures are date stamped July, 2008 (correction, earlier report said August). The camera survived a whole year out in the wilds exposed to the elements!

The person who found the camera said, "If someone came forward and could correctly describe the camera – case, brand, color, etc plus verify when and where it was lost, we'd be happy to return it to them."

The finder would like to recoup the cost of the shipping and the charger and transfer cable he bought to see if the pictures were still recoverable. He’ll send those along with the camera - about $30 all together.

If you have information about the people in any of these photos, or to identify and claim the camera, please e-mail (please put "Camera" in the e-mail subject line) or call Pinedale Online at 307-360-7689.

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  • Picture of Hikers. Photo by .
    Picture of Hikers
    People in one of the pictures on the found camera.

    Closeup1. Photo by .
    Close-up of the people in the picture at left.

    Resting. Photo by .
    Picture on the camera.

    Relaxing. Photo by .
    Picture on the camera.

    Closeup2. Photo by .
    Close up of person in the photo at left.

    Rock Climbing. Photo by .
    Rock Climbing
    Picture on the camera.
    Pinedale Online > News > October 2009 > Camera found in the Wind River Mountains

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