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Federal GS Pay Scale. Photo by US Office of Personnel Management.
Federal GS Pay Scale
2009 scale. Source: U.S. Office of Personnel Management
A glimpse into the cost of government
by Pinedale Online!
October 28, 2009

Here is a look at where your tax dollars are going to support government employees at the federal, state, county and local level.

The Federal Government has more than 1.8 million civilian employees (Jan 2007 statistic). Excluding the Postal Service, it is the Nationís largest employer. Because data on employment in certain agencies cannot be released to the public for national security reasons, this total does not include employment for the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

The lowest salary is $17,540/year, plus benefits, for a level GS-1. Typically, workers without a high school diploma who are hired as clerks start at grade 1, and high school graduates with no additional training hired at the same job start at grade 2 or 3. Entrants with some technical training or experience who are hired as technicians may start at grade 4. Those with a bachelorís degree generally are hired in professional occupations, such as economist, with a career ladder that starts at grade 5 or 7, depending on academic achievement. Entrants with a masterís degree or Ph.D. may start at grade 9. Individuals with professional degrees may be hired at the grade 11 or 12 level. Those with a combination of education and substantive experience may be hired at higher grades than those with education alone.

President Barack Obama: The President earns a $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 non-taxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment. The most recent raise in salary for the President was approved by Congress and President Bill Clinton in 1999 and went into effect in 2001.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: $223,500/year
Senate Leaders: $193,400/year
Members of the Senate: $174,000/year


Senator Salaries for the past 10 years:
2000 -- $141,300 per annum
2001 -- $145,100 per annum
2002 -- $150,000 per annum
2003 -- $154,700 per annum
2004 -- $158,100 per annum
2005 -- $162,100 per annum
2006 -- $165,200 per annum
2007 -- $165,200 per annum
2008 -- $169,300 per annum
2009 -- $174,000 per annum

Since the early 1980s, Senate leaders -- majority and minority leaders, and the president pro tempore -- have received higher salaries than other members. Currently, leaders earn $193,400 per year.

Governor Dave Freudenthal $105,000
Secretary of State Max Maxfield: $92,000
State Auditor Rita Meyer: $92,000
State Treasurer Joe Meyer: $92,000
Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jim McBride: $92,000

Note: HB0086 has been introduced to raise the salaries of certain elected officials in Wyoming. If passed, this act would be effective January 3, 2011. The bill is sponsored by: Representative(s) Jaggi, Craft, Hammons and McOmie and Senator(s) Dockstader and Von Flatern.

The bill would raise the salaries of Wyoming elected officials as follows:
Governor: From $105,000.00 to $152,934.00
Secretary of State: From $92,000.00 to $134,000.00
State Auditor: From $92,000.00 to $134,000.00
State Treasurer: From $92,000.00 to $134,000.00
Superintendent of Public Instruction: From $92,000.00 to $134,000.00

State of Wyoming Employee Compensation
Monthly Hiring Figures
Elected official salary comparison States of Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming (June 2008)
HB0086 Bill to raise elected officials salaries

Sublette County currently has 164 full-time employees (Oct. 2009).

Salaries for elected officials are:
County Attorney Lucky McMahon: $85,000/year
Sheriff Wayne "Bardy" Bardin: $75,000/year
District Court Clerk Marilyn M. Jensen: $75,000/year
County Clerk Mary Lankford: $75,000/year
Treasurer Roxanna Jensen: $75,000/year
Commissioners William Cramer, Joel Bousman, John Linn: $30,000/year

Additional information about Sublette County departments can be found in the State of the County Report here: 2008-2009 State of the County Report

Mayor, Stephen Smith: $1,000.00/month

Town Council:
David Hohl: $100.00/meeting
Chris House: $100.00/meeting
Nylla Kunard: $150.00/meeting
David Smith: $150.00/ meeting

Town Engineer, Eugene Ninnie: $8,333.33
Clerk/Treasurer Patty Racich: $6,413.00
Public Works Supervisor Ron Hanson: $6,179.80
Public Works Director Randy Hubbard:$6,179.00
Mayorís Assistant Mary Hogarty: $4,000.00
Municipal Judge Ruth Neely: $1,749.00
Airport Manager James Parker: $5,587.00
Municipal Code Officer Jennifer Gocke: $3,754.16
Animal Control Officer Julie Early: $3,643.75
Administration Office Clerk: $3,754.17
Public Works: $3,754.16 - $4,489.00

Source: Town of Pinedale Public Notice in the Sublette Examiner newspaper, January, 2009. All Town of Pinedale salaries published are gross monthly salaries or actual monthly wages, not including any fringe benefits such as health insurance, life insurance benefits and pension plans. The salaries or wages do include overtime the employee may earn which would be paid by the Town.

Pinedale Online > News > October 2009 > A glimpse into the cost of government

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