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Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > Early spring in the Wyoming Range

Bear Creek. Photo by Dave Bell.
Bear Creek
Photo by Dave Bell.
Early spring in the Wyoming Range
June 16, 2009

Dave Bell spent Sunday, June 14th, in the Wyoming Range hiking north from McDougal Gap and touring to the Greys River. "Spring is slowly making its way to the high county, although a significant amount of snow remains.," he said.

The road is still wet and muddy, and rocks and debris from avalanche slides have nearly blocked the road in places on the Grey’s River side. Wet conditions make the road slick and potentially dangerous in places. The Forest Service told us it will be another two to three weeks before crews will be in to start clearing the road open (they are waiting for conditions to dry out and stabilize more.)

We recommend people wait a couple more weeks before venturing out on the McDougal Gap road. Click on this link for more of Dave’s photos: Wyoming Range – June 14, 2009

Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > Early spring in the Wyoming Range

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