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Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > Danielle’s Dance Academy

Dance Company. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Dance Company
The entire dance company took to the stage during the opening routine dancing to "Circus" by Britney Spears.
Danielle’s Dance Academy
by Janet Montgomery
June 10, 2009

Danielle Kaumo’s dance students jazzed up the stage Saturday night in Pinedale for the company’s inaugural recital with 16 dancers performing to jazz and hip hop routines.

Ponde Replay. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Ponde Replay
The eight members of the 5-8 year old group (Avereigh Stephenson, left to right, Alena Mika, Emma Rogers, Lainey Barker, Avery Shriver, Hailey Stubbs, Rayne Anderson and Lacie Simkins) dance in the third routine of the night to "Ponde Replay" by Kids Bop.

Black or White. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Black or White
The older girls group of Prycilla Day (left back row) Aubrie Doyle and Vanessa Rugh with Jordyn Baker, Linsey Kucherny, and Larissa Cox in front close the show with their jazz routine to "Black or White" by Michael Jackson.

Low. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
The older dancers performed to "Low" by Flo Rida.

Silver duo. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Silver duo
Tayler Davis shows her award to family in the audience while Aisha Auradou reads hers. The two dancers performed to "4 Minutes" by Kids Bop as the only two in the 9-12 year old group.

Aisha Auradou. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Aisha Auradou
Aisha Auradou

Lainey Barker . Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Lainey Barker
Lainey Barker

Alena Mika. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Alena Mika
Alena Mika

Lacie Simkins. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Lacie Simkins
Four-year-old Lacie Simkins received the award for the dance with the most energy following Saturday’s performance.

Extra Honorees. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Extra Honorees
After all the dancers received their honors and trophies, Avery Barker, left, and Jennifer Yarnell also received special awards that night as they opted to join the dancers on stage after the performance.

Snapshots. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
After the show, a few parents got on stage themselves to take advantage of the background for some family snapshots.
Pinedale Online > News > June 2009 > Danielle’s Dance Academy

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