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Pinedale Online > News > May 2009 > May snowshoe hike to Mt. Baldy

Fremont Peak. Photo by Hank Williams.
Fremont Peak
Fremont and Jackson peaks can be seen from this view.
May snowshoe hike to Mt. Baldy
Itís still winter in the Bridger Wilderness of the Wind River Range
May 13, 2009

May snowshoe hike to Mt. Baldy Hank Williams and his friend, Aaron Deschu, did a mountain snowshoe hike to Mt. Baldy last weekend. Here is his report: "We left this past Saturday and returned on Monday, camping at Pole Creek Lake. We did the trip on snowshoes, and the conditions were perfect. There is a solid 6-8 feet of snow, and the lakes are frozen solid. Mt. Baldy is in the Winds, a shade under 12,000 feet, located in the Pole Creek Drainage. We figured we covered around 25 miles total. The weather was terrific, and there was no wind at the summit, a rare condition in the Wind Rivers. It will definitely be a good six weeks or more before you can hike into the high country."

Photos by Hank Williams

Wind Rivers. Photo by Hank Williams.
Wind Rivers
It will be at least another six weeks before the snow melts off the high mountain trails in the Wind River Range.

No snowmobiling here. Photo by Hank Williams.
No snowmobiling here
There is no snowmobiling allowed in the wilderness area. Cross-country skiers and snowshoers can still find plenty of deep snow to explore.

Continental Divide. Photo by Hank Williams.
Continental Divide
High mountains just south of Fremont Peak.
Pinedale Online > News > May 2009 > May snowshoe hike to Mt. Baldy

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