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Pinedale Online > News > March 2009 > 4H Jackpot Team Roping

Team Roping with Sparky III. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Team Roping with Sparky III
Saul Bencomo pulls "Sparky III" during the 4H Jackpot Team Roping on February 28th. Saul donated his time and his Sparky to get the kids warmed up for the day. The Sparky III is a training tool used by ropers to practice roping as well as get colts started when cattle are not available.

Shawn and Wyatt Choate. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Shawn and Wyatt Choate
Wyatt Choate heading and his dad Shawn Choate heeling, Junior Division.
4H Jackpot Team Roping
by Carie Whitman
March 1, 2009

4H Jackpot Team Roping was held at the Sublette County Ag Center on Saturday, February 28th. The event was hosted by Sublette County 4-H. White Pine Resort donated the steers for the 4H kids to host a jackpot roping. Neighboring counties were invited and the Sublette County 4H Department hosted the event.


Junior Division (12 and under)

1st Wyatt Choate
2nd Tanner Butner

1st Chett Whitman

Senior Division

1st Kyle Choate
2nd Mick Rammell
3rd Erica Wolaver

1st Keith Holms
2nd Klint Choate
3rd Tanner Judge

Photos by Carie Whitman

Head Loop pointers. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Head Loop pointers
Lots of community volunteer arrived at the 4H Jackpot Team Roping held February 28 at the Ag Center. Pictured here Guy Nenna giving Rylee Whitman some pointers on throwing a head loop.

Erica Wolaver and Shawn Butner. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Erica Wolaver and Shawn Butner
Erica Wolaver and Shawn Butner, Senior Division.

Chesso and Blue. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Chesso and Blue
Chesso Nenna, volunteer header, and Blue Constance Heeler.

Kyle and Chett. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Kyle and Chett
Header Kyle Choate and heeler Chett Whitman.

Alison and Chett. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Alison and Chett
Alison Sturman and Chett Whitman.

Shawn and Klint. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Shawn and Klint
Shawn Butner and Klint Choate.

Chett and Grant Whitman. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Chett and Grant Whitman
Pictured here heeler Chett Whitman roping with his dad and 4H leader Grant Whitman.

Shawn and Chett. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Shawn and Chett
Shawn Butner,header and Chett Whitman, heeler.

Mick Rammell and Tanner Judge. Photo by Carie Whitman.
Mick Rammell and Tanner Judge
A few ropers traveled from Jackson to get in on the 4H roping. Pictured here Mick Rammell and Tanner Judge both from Jackson.
Pinedale Online > News > March 2009 > 4H Jackpot Team Roping

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