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Swimming . Photo by Pam McCulloch, Pinedale Online.
Swimmers completed as many laps as they could in 10 minutes.

Counting Laps . Photo by Pam McCulloch, Pinedale Online.
Counting Laps
Amber Pearce keeps track of the number of laps the swimmers complete.

Biking. Photo by Pam McCulloch, Pinedale Online.
Proactive Fitness hosted the biking part of the triathlon.

Stretching . Photo by Pam McCulloch, Pinedale Online.
Shawn Piros stretches before the running portion of the competition.

Awards. Photo by Pam McCulloch, Pinedale Online.
Michael Peters hands out awards.

Running. Photo by Pam McCulloch, Pinedale Online.
Pinedale Triathlon
by Pam McCulloch
January 27, 2009

In recognition of National Mentor month and as a promotional event for Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Pinedale Aquatic Center (PAC) and Proactive Fitness sposored the first annual Pinedale Indoor Triathlon on Saturday, January 24th. Together, PAC and Proactive are aiming to promote physical fitness and New Year’s Resolutions, while at the same time encouraging and identifying mentoring in the community.

This unique event was designed for people of all levels of fitness and allows for individual goal setting; making the timing of the event ideal for those with fitness based New Year’s resolutions.

The indoor triathlon differs from a traditional triathlon in that participants do not complete a set distance, rather the distance completed during the following timed events will be counted:
× 10 minute swim
× 20 minute bike
× 15 minute run

The distances for each event are recorded and combined for a total triathlon distance.

Participants used both co-sponsoring centers, with PAC holding the swimming and running portions and Proactive Fitness holding the biking portion. This allowed both facilities to highlight their unique fitness aspects.

Pinedale Triathlon Results

Ages 9-14
Josiah Piros 6.97 miles
Aron Davis 6.23 miles
Faith Friend 5.96 miles
David Rule 5.86 miles
Destiny Fortner 5.73 miles

Ages 15-19
Kit Pflughoft 7.33 miles
Anna Harrower 7.25 miles
Dyson Winters 5.66 miles

Ages 20-30
Michael Peters 7.48 miles
Lars Anderson 7.36 miles
Amber Anderson 7.18 miles

Ages 31-40
Gudrid Espenscheid 8.17 miles
Clint Covill 8.09 miles
Judy Friend 7.11 miles
Kim Buchanan 7.03 miles
Melanie Bennett 6.83 miles
Shawn Piros 6.77 miles

Ages 41-50
Will Davenport 8.12 miles
Laura Vasquez 7.56 miles
Machelle Ketterhagen 7.05 miles
Kelli Harrower 6.17 miles

Ages 51+
Annette Davis 7.42 miles
Phylis Stevens 7.13 miles
Sue Pflughoft 6.92 miles
JJ Huntley 6.72 miles
Colleen Martin 6.26 miles
Steve Roberts 5.45 miles

Youth Pairs
Josiah Piros & David Rule 12.83 miles

Adult Pairs
Michael Peters & Will Davenport 15.60 miles
Colleen Martin & Shawn Piros 13.02 miles

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  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Photo by Pam McCulloch, Pinedale Online.
    Big Brothers, Big Sisters
    A Big Brothers Big Sisters display was set up to educate articipants about their program and information on how to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    Role Models. Photo by Pam McCulloch, Pinedale Online.
    Role Models
    Brightly colored stars were displayed in the foyer of the PAC. Some of the Pinedale Elementary students wrote names of their mentors in honor of National Mentor Month.

    David Rule. Photo by Pam McCulloch, Pinedale Online.
    David Rule
    David Rule shows off medals he and Josiah Piros won. They won the Junior pairs completing 12.83 miles.
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