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Pinedale Online > News > September 2008 > Committee Develops Voter Education Campaign
Committee Develops Voter Education Campaign
For 1% Special Purpose Excise Tax
by Supporters of the BPM Rec Center and the Pinedale Community Committee (PAC)
September 2, 2008

The County Commissioners and all three of the incorporated towns of the county passed resolutions during the month of August to place a $60 million 1% Special Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) issue on the November Ballot to fund the construction of a Rec Center for Big Piney and Marbleton and a Community Center for Pinedale.

The Big Piney Marbleton Rec Joint Powers Board and the Pinedale Community Center Steering Committee have now joined forces and formed the Supporters of the BPM Rec Center and the Pinedale Community Committee (PAC) to provide information to the public regarding all aspects of the 1% SPET sales tax issue.

During their meeting last week, the committee members developed a print, radio and web page campaign that will be used in conjunction with visits to businesses, organization meetings and door to door calls. The goal is to provide information about both proposed county building projects as well as explain how the 1% SPET will benefit this county. The PAC is very eager to get in touch with as many citizens as possible.

This SPET sales tax is a very amazing process. It allows both facilities to be constructed as well as a $10 million endowment account for both. The endowment accounts are set up to use only the interest from the principal balance to maintain & operate the buildings. If passed the tax is only in place as long as it takes to collect the $60 million dollars. Based off previous year’s revenues it is estimated that the tax would take 4 years to collect. Considering the current growth the county is seeing it is possible to collect the $60 million in a shorter period.

The tax will be removed from all taxable items when the $60 million is collected. The tax CANNOT BE COLLECTED for another project

The total cost for the Rec Center is $18,297,396.30 with the bowling alley/movie theatre costing $5,247,950.00. If the issue passes the Rec Center cost would increase some due to the additional tax.

The cost for the Pinedale Community Center is estimated at $20,000,000 following the completion of a preliminary design and cost study. At this time the Community Center has not contracted for final architectural drawings.

In addition to hosting several public forums, the Supporters Committee will have a web site available on Sept 11 and they will be placing Poster Boards with drawings of both facilities in the Libraries, Town Halls and Senior Centers on both ends of the county. This will allow everyone a first hand look at the details for both projects.

A Community Conversation Luncheon has been scheduled through the Chamber of Commerce for Sept 11, in Pinedale at Rendezvous Pointe at noon. Speakers will present details on both projects and on the 1% Special Excise Tax (SPET). There will be an allotted time for questions and answers. Please call 376-2242 to make reservation for the luncheon by Wednesday September 10.

The first scheduled presentation for Big Piney will be mid Sept. please watch for times.

"We are encouraging everyone to attend," stated Angie Smith, co-chairman of the PAC. "We want to answer as many questions as possible and hope that by doing so the voters will have the same support for the passage of the 1% SPET tax as the PAC Committee does."

Pinedale Online > News > September 2008 > Committee Develops Voter Education Campaign

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