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Pinedale Online > News > November 2007 > Hawaiian Luau Nov. 16

Karate Club. Photo by Dari Quirk.
Karate Club
Wind River Kempo Karate students prepare for belt team demo at the Hawaiian Luau. Sensei Karen Rogers is in the white top with the black belt. Photo by Dari Quirk.

Correct form. Photo by Dari Quirk.
Correct form
Sensei Karen Rogers shows a student the correct form. Photo by Dari Quirk.

Karate practice. Photo by Dari Quirk.
Karate practice
Karate students gather around Sensei Karen Rogers during class. Photo by Dari Quirk.
Hawaiian Luau Nov. 16
Wind River Kempo Karate Club fundraiser
by Wind River Kempo Karate Club
November 6, 2007

Come Join Ninjas in Training for a Hawaiian Luau, Friday, November 16th, at Rendezvous Pointe

Something special is cooking over at Rendezvous Pointe
Sensei (Instructor) Karen Rogers’ Wind River Kempo Karate Club is hosting a Hawaiian Luau to raise money to attend an intensive karate seminar in Phoenix, AZ over President’s Day weekend this coming February. Part of the proceeds raised will also go to Rendezvous Pointe for hosting the event. It promises to be a very festive evening. In addition to a delicious menu prepared by Sue Eversull that includes Kalua Pork (roasted), Lomi Lomi (smoked salmon with tomatoes and onions), fresh pineapple and mangos, and various Hawaiian desserts, students from the Wind River Karate Club will be demonstrating their skills in belt demo teams. From white belts (novice) through black belts (advanced), this is a unique opportunity to see these Ninjas in training. The demo teams will highlight skills that they have been working on this fall as they prepare for belt tests (promotions) this December. You will have an opportunity to see various kata (choreographed fight scenes), punches, kicks, blocks, and martial arts weapons. There will also be Tai Chi and Hula demonstrations during the evening.

Lim’s Hawaiian Kenpo Karate Club
The seminar in Phoenix is being hosted by Professor George Lim, an 8th degree black belt in Hawaiian Kenpo Karate. The Wind River Kempo Karate Club is part of Professor Lim’s ‘Ohana (family). Professor Lim is internationally known and has taught seminars across America, in Europe, and in Australia. The February seminar is an annual event, gaining in popularity each year. Professor Lim and many other grandmasters from Hawaii, California, and Arizona will be instructing throughout the weekend, and students will be coming from as far away as Portugal to attend the seminar. It is the goal of Sensei Karen to have as many students from Pinedale attend as possible, and knowing how quickly the various costs of the weekend can add up, she came up with the idea of the Luau and raffle to raise funds to allow the club to defray some of the costs.

How you can support the Club
The dinner at Rendezvous Pointe, 5 pm, Friday, November 16th, is open to the public, and donations will be accepted at the door. The Club is also selling 50/50 raffle tickets, and the drawing will be held at the Luau – need not be present to win. Tickets are 1/$1, 6/$5, 12/$10, and 25/$20 and can be purchased from Sensei Karen or karate students.

More about Wind River Kempo Karate
With over 50 students in the school, the Wind River Kempo Karate Club is more than a place to learn karate techniques. With a focus on character, in addition to karate, students learn respect and discipline – skills that will follow them throughout their lives. The dojo (training hall) is a place of respect, and students must bow when entering or leaving the dojo. Students are asked to give 110% at all times – not just in karate class. Sensei Karen is truly interested in how her students are performing at school and behaving at home, as well as in their achievements in karate. Before testing for the next rank, which is done at the discretion of Sensei Karen, students must provide Sensei with a written evaluation from their teachers and parents. If any area is deficient, students will not be allowed to test. In addition to belt tests, students are given the opportunity to excel throughout the year with certificates that are given out each week for a variety of reasons such as: Most Improvement, Focus, Outstanding Effort, and Outstanding Partners and with recognition for such things as academic achievement, attendance, and karate student of the month.

More about Sensei Karen Rogers
Sensei Karen Rogers holds 3rd degree black belts in both Okinawan Kempo Karate and Hawaiian Kenpo Karate. Sensei Karen began her martial arts career in 1991 in Laramie and started her club in Pinedale in 1998. In addition to karate, Sensei Karen teaches Tai Chi. Classes are held at Proactive Rehabilitation and are open to all ages and all ability levels.

Please join us
Please join us for this fun, family friendly event and help raise funds for this wonderful opportunity for the Wind River Kemp Karate ‘Ohana (family). Hawaiian attire is encouraged! Aloha! For more information about the Luau or to purchase raffle tickets, please contact Karen Rogers at 307-231-2345.

Photos by Dari Quirk

Pinedale Online > News > November 2007 > Hawaiian Luau Nov. 16

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