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Pinedale Online > News > August 2007 > US 191 To Get Additional Passing Lanes
US 191 To Get Additional Passing Lanes
by Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT)
August 13, 2007

Thanks to the additional funds appropriated by the 2007 State Legislature, the trip between Rock Springs and Pinedale will become much safer as more passing lanes are added to US Highway 191.

In May, the $14 million contract was awarded to LeGrand Johnson Construction Co. of Logan, Utah, to build 15 additional passing opportunities, each slightly more than a mile in length, and extend the length of one existing passing lane. The project spans nearly 75 miles in length.

"Doing the posted speed limit of 65 m.p.h., motorists will have the opportunity to safely pass other vehicles about every five minutes when the project is completed," said Theresa Herbin, Public Involvement Specialist for District 3. "The public voiced their safety concerns for US 191, we've experienced those same concerns and now thanks to the Legislators, we have the funds to do something about it," she said.

Earlier this summer, survey stakes were placed on the southern end of the project and the contractor intends to begin the preliminary work on the passing lanes near Farson. During the 2007 construction season, culverts will be extended, topsoil removed and some grading work along the shoulders will be done. While no pavement disturbances this year are planned, it is possible for motorists to encounter zones with reduced speeds and minor stoppages.

Between Rock Springs and Farson, passing lanes sites will be at milepost 8.8 to 10.01 southbound, 16.31 to 17.51 southbound, 21.32 to 22.60 northbound, the passing lane at milepost 25.94 to 27.00 on the southbound lane will be extended, and a passing lane added at 28.40 to 29.60 northbound.

Between Farson and Pinedale, the passing lane sites will be at milepost 44.88 to 46.08 southbound, 46.10 to 47.35 northbound, 51.52 to 52.70 southbound, 54.90 to 56.09 northbound, 58.10 to 59.30 southbound. 62.57 to 63.80 northbound, 65.81 to 67.00 southbound, 70.10 to 71.32 northbound, 73.40 to 74.60 southbound, 79.81 to 81.00 northbound, and 81.60 to 83.21 southbound.

The project is due to be completed Oct. 31, 2008. WYDOT and the prime contractor are committed to public and contractor safety and urges motorists to slow down, be alert and be cautious while driving through these construction areas.

Pinedale Online > News > August 2007 > US 191 To Get Additional Passing Lanes

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