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Pinedale Town Council meeting
Termination of 3 Planning & Zoning members by Mayor likely to be a hot issue
August 27, 2007

Below is the text of the radio story that is being aired today on KPIN 101.1 FM Pinedale Radio by Bob Rule on the topic of the termination of three Pinedale Planning and Zoning members by Pinedale Town Mayor Steve Smith. Click on the link in the story text to read the original article by Jennie Oemig that appeared in Thursday's (August 22) Pinedale Roundup, and scroll down this page for the official statement from Pinedale Mayor Steve Smith that the Town issued later on Thursday afternoon in response to the newspaper article.
Text of KPIN news story from Monday, August 27, 2007:
“Thursday’s Pinedale Roundup contained a front page article, headlined "Planning and Zoning Board Coup"... and it appears that tonight’s Town Council meeting will be a packed house.

Planning and Zoning board chairman, Robert Brito, stated that "The mayor has taken it upon himself to terminate three-fifths of the board"… this action resulting from board members Paul Rock and Barbara Boyce being advised that their terms had expired, and Mayor Steve Smith requesting board chairman Brito to either resign, or be terminated.

Chairman Brito has conferred with his attorney, Clark Stith, and Stith has advised Brito that Mayor Smith is in the wrong. "The mayor cannot remove me", Brito said.
Board members Paul Rock and Barbara Boyce both said their being told they are no longer on the Planning and Zoning board came as a shock to them.

Mayor Steve Smith, in a news release, stated that "The renewal of appointments on the town’s Planning and Zoning Board is not connected with the Mayor’s request of volunteer board member Robert Brito." "My request to have Mr. Brito submit his resignation was a decision I made as Mayor, and board members do serve at the mayor’s discretion. We were advised by town legal counsel that this does fall within mayoral discretion", Smith said.

Smith stated that the fact that the town is seeking to bring board appointments in compliance with town ordinance is absolutely no reflection of the volunteer service provided by Mr. Rock and Mrs. Boyce. Smith said he is deeply appreciative of their years of service, and that the Town owes a debt of gratitude to all of its volunteers on all of its boards.

Chairman Brito advised KPIN Radio that in his opinion, the article on the front page of Thursday’s Pinedale Roundup was very accurate in its reporting.

Tonight’s Town Council meeting begins at 5:30 PM, and is open to the public."

Pinedale Town Council Meeting 8-28-07 (KPIN 101.1 FM Pinedale Morning News, August 28, 2007 (0:47 min, 334K, mp3 audio file)

Agenda for August 27, 2007 Town of Pinedale Regular Council Meeting, 5:30 PM, Pinedale town Hall, 210 West Pine Street:

1. Approval of Minutes
2. Department Head Reports
Sheriff’s Office
Animal Control/Early
Public Works
Engineering Department/Ninnic
Mayor’s Assistant/McKeever
Municipal Judge/Neely




1. Presentation of Bills

Pinedale Online > News > August 2007 > Pinedale Town Council meeting

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