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Pinedale Online > News > April 2007 > Laramie Peak transplanted Bighorn Sheep doing well
Laramie Peak transplanted Bighorn Sheep doing well
by Wyoming Game & Fish
April 1, 2007

(Wheatland) - Thirty bighorn sheep with global positioning system collars and all 30 accounted for, is the recent report on the January 31 transplant of Montana bighorn sheep to the Laramie Peak area west of Wheatland.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Wildlife Biologist Martin Hicks located all 30 sheep while flying the rugged area March 7. Hicks observed 25 of the collared animals in the immediate vicinity of the release site, with the other five all within five miles. Some of the new transplants had already joined bands of existing sheep.

"I guess the initial survey couldn't be better," Hicks said. "It shows the Montana sheep know how to elude a mountain lion and didn't suffer undue transplant stress."

The transplanted bighorns should continue to fare well in their new home. According to Hicks, winter conditions appear to be over and green-up has started, supplying pregnant ewes with good nutrients for the upcoming lambing periods.

In all, 42 of the animals from the Plains, Montana area of northwest Montana were released to help rejuvenate the Laramie Peak Herd of Wyoming sheep. The transplant, including the 30 hi-tech collars, was funded by the Governor's Big Game License Coalition and the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep.

Pinedale Online > News > April 2007 > Laramie Peak transplanted Bighorn Sheep doing well

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