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Pinedale Online > News > April 2007 > G&F offers Summer Youth Camp
G&F offers Summer Youth Camp
July 22-27, open to kids 15-18
by Wyoming Game & Fish Department
April 3, 2007

The Wyoming Game & Fish Department is offering a summer youth camp where teenagers can learn about wildlife and the outdoors, make new friends, and create good memories. The Game and Fish Department's annual Youth Conservation Camp is scheduled for July 22-27, 2007.

The Department's Green River Regional Information and Education Specialist Lucy Wold says the camp is a great bargain and a lot of fun. "The camp is free. Young men and women, ages 15-18 years old, enjoy a week of outdoor studies and conservation ethics, shooting sports, fishing skills, hiking, canoeing and campfire time, " says Wold.

"Fifty students learn and recreate together for six days and five nights in some of Wyoming's most beautiful and rugged mountain country. Students won't find an experience like this camp anywhere else in Wyoming and they get it all for no charge."

Whiskey Mountain Wildlife Conservation Camp is located near Trail Lake, ten miles southeast of Dubois, Wyoming.

Wold says the camp application process is competitive and openings fill fast.

"We start accepting applications for the camp beginning February 1 and the applications must be in the Cheyenne office by 5 p.m. May 1. There are some specific application rules, so make sure you read all the material carefully before submitting an application."

Students must live in Wyoming and be sponsored by a teacher or youth leader. Most equipment is provided. Each camper is required to provide his or her personal gear, including sleeping bag, hiking boots, rain gear and cool-weather clothing.

Wold says camp staff requires participation from campers because the camp is set up as a mini-conservation and outdoor recreation course.

"The camper's day is full of activities. We get up at 6 am, go on short nature hikes, eat breakfast at 7 am and classes start at 8 am. Classes run through 9 pm, followed by a campfire program. We usually end the campfire programs by 10 pm, with lights out at 11pm. There is some free time built in to the schedule for activities such as fishing, canoeing, and socializing, but not a great deal."

Wold, who has been working at the Youth Camp since 1993, says the staff is fun and knowledgeable and the camp is well balanced with outdoor, indoor and hands-on activities.

"The first part of the week campers might feel like they are back in school at times, but after a couple of days, the emphasis of camp shifts to learning skills like shooting a shotgun, black powder, and .22 rifles, archery, rappelling, hiking, canoeing and much more." Most of the activities are done in groups with some opportunity to work alone.

"Campers work as a team in the same "'c`'color group'" all week. There are journaling activities and time provided for individual reflection throughout the week. However, this is not a camp where you sit in your cabin. If you like being active, working with other kids and want to learn more about your natural/outdoor environment, this is the camp for you."

Students participate in activities from the Department's Outdoor Recreation Education Opportunities (OREO) program and Project WILD, the national interdisciplinary wildlife conservation education program.

Application forms are available at any regional office of the Wyoming Game & Fish Dept., at the website: or by calling the G&F Education Section office at (307) 777-4538. Space is limited. Applicants are urged to mail the completed application in well before the May 1 deadline.

Pinedale Online > News > April 2007 > G&F offers Summer Youth Camp

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