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Pinedale Online > News > February 2007 > Check your peanut butter jars!
Check your peanut butter jars!
Possible suspect jar found in Pinedale
by Pinedale Online!
February 16, 2007

(2/16/07 Original posting) - We received an e-mail from a Pinedale resident saying she saw the peanut butter Salmonella alert, so she went to her pantry and checked a jar of peanut butter she had recently bought. To her surprise, she found the lid was stamped with the 2111 code mentioned in the alert, meaning it might be one of the suspect batch. She purchased this jar of Great Value Peanut Butter at the Wal-Mart in Rock Springs on January 20th.

We encourage our readers to check their jars of peanut butter they may have on hand since it appears the Rock Springs Wal-Mart may have sold jars of the affected batch. We have not heard any reports yet of other jars purchased locally being stamped with the same code.

We checked with Burney’s in Big Piney and asked about brands they have on their shelves. They do not carry Peter Pan or the Great Value brands, so this is not an issue with peanut butter bought from their store. Burney’s carries Jif, Skippy and Western Family brands peanut butter, which are not included in this Salmonella alert. At the time of this update, we have not heard back from Faler’s General Store in Pinedale to find out about brands they carry.

The CDC advises, “Persons who think they may have become ill from eating peanut butter are advised to visit their health care provider and call their local health departments. Persons who have become ill and have Peter Pan or Great Value peanut butter with product code beginning with “2111” should set aside the jar for possible collection by local health officials for further testing. Persons who have not become ill and have peanut butter with product code “2111” should discard the jar.”

Thank you to Karen Stewart of Pinedale for alerting us to this important health notice.

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Pinedale Online > News > February 2007 > Check your peanut butter jars!

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