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Pinedale Online > News > November 2006 > BLM Wild Horse Adoptions Nov & Dec
BLM Wild Horse Adoptions Nov & Dec
by Bureau of Land Management
November 15, 2006

(Rock Springs) - The Bureau of Land Management's Rock Springs Corral announced that it will offer mares that are at least four years old for adoption at a reduced fee of $25 each during November. Most of these mares have been exposed to stallions and are expected to be pregnant.
In addition, the Rock Springs Corral will offer geldings (four years old and up) for adoption at $25 each in December. The standard adoption fee for wild horses and burros is $125.

While providing savings to potential adopters, the reduced adoption fee is aimed at moving more BLM-managed animals that are currently in holding facilities into good homes of private owners. The BLM's cost for maintaining wild horses and burros in short- and long-term holding facilities accounts for more than half of the agency's total wild horse and burro budget, which was about $37 million in Fiscal Year 2006.

"We hope that anyone who has the interest and means of providing good care for these mares or geldings will come to our facility in November or December," said Alan Shepherd, WY BLM’s Wild Horse State Program Lead. Under the BLM's adoption program, an individual can adopt up to four animals within a one-year period; under certain circumstances, more than four can be adopted, but an adopter can receive titles of ownership to only four animals during that timeframe. Qualified adopters are eligible to receive title after providing one year of humane care.

Under the authority of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, the BLM manages, protects, and controls wild horses and burros as part of its overall multiple-use mission. The Bureau works to ensure that population levels are in balance with rangeland resources and other uses of the public lands; toward that end, the BLM removes thousands of wild horses and burros from the range each year to control the size of herds, which have virtually no predators and can double in population about every four years.

The BLM encourages those who are interested in providing good homes to wild horses or burros to visit the agency's website ( for information about adoptions or sales. For more information contact the Rock Springs BLM Field Office at 307-352-0329.

Pinedale Online > News > November 2006 > BLM Wild Horse Adoptions Nov & Dec

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