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Pinedale Online > News > October 2006 > IPPSSSDR adds Big Piney/Marbleton Stage
IPPSSSDR adds Big Piney/Marbleton Stage
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
October 24, 2006

The International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race (IPSSSDR) has expanded the 2007 route to include Big Piney/Marbleton, announced Race Director Frank Teasley. The 2007 IPSSSDR is slated to run from Friday, January 26 through Saturday, February 3.

Unlike other continuous sled dog races, the IPSSSDR is done in a “stage” format, with individual timed races run at each stage. Stages in the 10-day race include Jackson, Lander, Pinedale, Cora, Big Piney/Marbleton, Alpine, Kemmerer/Diamondville and Bridger Valley. Towns host a variety of festivities for mushers and spectators ranging from junior dog sled races for children, dog parades, ice sculpture contests, banquets, carnivals and fishing derbies.

“The people in Big Piney, Marbleton, La Barge and Daniel are working together to bring the IPSSSDR to their area,” said Teasley. “This race is about showcasing our beautiful state of Wyoming, and the more towns we can include, the better. Mushers always compliment us on the beautiful scenery and friendly towns of Wyoming,” Teasley said.

The 2007 IPSSSDR will begin in Jackson, Wyoming and end in Park City, Utah. The race send-off will be at the Jackson Hole Winter Carnival complete with a bonfire, fireworks show, music and food booths, before continuing on to Lander, Pinedale, Cora, Big Piney/Marbleton, Alpine, Kemmerer/Diamondville, Uinta County, ending in Park City. Each racer has a local sponsor in each town and races with that sponsor’s banner on their sled. The sponsor gets to keep the banner each year, which is autographed by all the racers. Sponsors proudly display the banners in their establishments.

The IPSSSDR is popular on the professional mushing circuit, taking place before the ‘Race to the Sky’ in Montana and the famous ‘Iditarod’ in Alaska, and attracting mushers who compete in all three events. Now in its 12th year, the IPSSSDR has become the largest sled dog race in the lower 48 states. Pinedale has been a stage stop since the race’s beginning, and is the only town to have two race segments held over two days, one in the Upper Green and the second day racing from the Upper Green to Pinedale.

Pedigree® Food for Dogs is the title sponsor of the IPSSSDR. The Pedigree® brand actively supports a wide range of programs that promote responsible pet ownership and highlight the contributions dogs make to society.

According to Lila Wheatley, Secretary for the IPSSSDR, the mileage and exact area for trails for the Big Piney/Marbleton stage are still in the process of being confirmed. Dr. Bob Beiermann and Mike & Emma Bromley are the chairpersons for the Big Piney/Marbleton stage. Organizers are asking for volunteers to help with the Pinedale and Big Piney/Marbleton stages. Anyone who would like to host families or volunteer helping at the start are encouraged to contact the stage organizers. For the Pinedale stage, please contact chairpersons Gayle Kinnison (Bottoms Up Brewery) or Michael Kudar (Alpenglo Realty).

The International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race was founded in 1996 by Frank Teasley to make sled dog racing more accessible to the public. For more information, visit the race website at, contact the race via e-mail at or telephone at (307) 734-1163, or visit

2007 IPSSSDR January 26 – February 3
Friday, January 26: Jackson
Saturday, January 27: Travel day to Lander
Sunday, January 28: Lander to Pinedale, check point at Blucher Creek
Monday, January 29: Cora to Pinedale
Tuesday, January 30: Big Piney/Marbleton Race
Wednesday, January 31: Alpine Race
Thursday, February 1: Kemmerer
Friday, February 2: Uinta County
Saturday, February 3: Park City

Pinedale Online > News > October 2006 > IPPSSSDR adds Big Piney/Marbleton Stage

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