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Summer Road Construction Update
Hwy 191 and Tyler Street construction in Pinedale
April 28, 2006

With the return of warm weather also comes the bane of travelers, road construction. Several projects are planned in the area that will impact summer travelers to Pinedale. Projects are coordinated through the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).

Hwy 191 north of Pinedale near the Rim
Project Name: Rim South Overlay
Approximately 5 miles.
Delays: Yes, 20 minute delays with stopped conditions
Construction crews will be leveling and placing new roadway surface on US Hwy 191 from milepost 123.50 to 128.80. There will also be minor work on bridges crossing Hay Gulch and Beaver Creek.
Scheduled completion is October 31, 2006.

Hwy 191 south of Pinedale
Project Name: Pinedale South
Start Date: May 1
Approximately 11 miles between Pinedale and Boulder, to the southern side of Boulder bridge
Delays: None expected
Construction crews will be removing a portion of the existing surface of US Hwy 191 to place new overlay. Crews will also install a left turn lane at Paradise County Road and do maintenance work on the turn lane to Pole Creek Road. The highway will have one-way road with a pilot car leading traffic. Two-way traffic will be maintained on Pole Creek Road. Work will not begin before 8 am.
Scheduled completion is October 31, 2006, although the construction company reports they expect to have the project completed in about a month.

Hwy 189 South of Big Piney
Project Name: Middle Section
Delays: Reduced speeds up to 10 mph
Road crews are widening the highway and putting on overlay on approximately 6 miles of road just south of Big Piney between mileposts 91.5 and 97.5. Equipment is doing slope work, pit run and crushed base placement, asphalt paving, roadside seeding and fence work. Scheduled completion is November 16, 2006.

Tyler Street in Pinedale
Approximately 1 mile both north and south of US Hwy 191
Start Date: May 1 on southern end
Delays: Yes, construction will be all summer long, and there may be up to 20 minute delays.
Crews will be digging Tyler Street to replace 6,400 feet of water lines and some sewer laterals. When completed, road will be repaved and have valley pans for drainage. Most work will be on the east side of Tyler Street where water mains are located. Project will start on Fox Willow Drive south of the bridge and work north across Hwy 191 all the way to Valley Road just north of the Pinedale Elementary School. All work is expected to be completed from in front of the schools by September 5th, with the possible exception of final asphalt which is scheduled for September 16. Parking for the courthouse and library will be impacted at some times, but not both at the same time. Crews will try to keep at least one lane open most of the time. Delays lasting longer than 20 minutes will be advertised ahead of time. Drivers are encouraged to use alternate routes. Water and sewer replacements will be brought to property lines. Residents will have 24 hour notice (via notes on doors) prior to any water or sewer shut off.

Contractors will have a weekly status meeting every Tuesday at the Pinedale Town Hall at 10 am, starting May 9th at which they will present status and give the construction plan for the week. The public is invited to attend. Relevant notices and status will be posted on the Town of Pinedale website. Excessive delays, timing of crossing US Hwy 191 and any other major notices will be advertised in the local newspaper and on the radio. Scheduled completion is September 16

Sublette Avenue
Valley pan construction and asphalt paving on Sublette Street will start the 2nd week in May.

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Pinedale Online > News > April 2006 > Summer Road Construction Update

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