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Science Fair Results
Middle and High School at State Science Fair in Laramie
March 10, 2006

(Pinedale) "Once again, Pinedale middle and high school students demonstrated outstanding achievement as investigative scientists," said Ellen Skinner of Sublette County School District #1. The highest awards in the both the junior and senior divisions at the Wyoming State Science Fair (WSFF) on March 6, 7 and 8 went to Pinedale students. WSFF was held at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. More than 325 students from nearly 50 Wyoming schools participated in this year's state science fair.

Awards were presented for first through fourth places in junior (grades 6-8) and senior (grades 9-12) divisions in these categories: behavioral and social sciences, chemistry, engineering, medicine and health, zoology, invention (grades 6-8), biochemistry, computers, environmental sciences, microbiology, botany, earth and space sciences, mathematics, physics and teams. A panel of more than 100 judges from UW and other organizations evaluated projects based on scientific thought/engineering goals, creative ability, thoroughness, skill and clarity.

Special awards were presented at a ceremony in the Wyoming Union Yellowstone Ballroom, which included cash and prizes provided by UW colleges and departments, the armed services and state and national businesses and organizations. Category and grand prize awards also were presented by various UW departments and colleges.

Erica David took 1st in the Physics category for her research with snow fences and was one of two contestants to be awarded the International Science & Engineering Fair qualifier. David was also a WSFF sweepstake winner and was awarded a $2500 UW Tuition scholarship. Keegan Latta was awarded 1st place in the zoology category. Tyler Straley placed 2nd in the environmental science category and also received the Bill Barlow Youth in Conservation Award.

In the Junior Division the Pinedale scientists won 1st place in 10 out of 14 categories and eight Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge Winners--Jayne Thompson and Amy David, Emily Johnston, Kassey Braun, Paden Fairbanks, Tracey McCarty, Ethan Wolaver and Lizzy Cooney--have earned the opportunity to enter a next level of competition to represent the state of Wyoming in national competition. To top off their success, Amy David and Jayne Thompson won the Sweepstakes award, which came with a $250 prize.

Senior Science Fair Results
Erica David, Physics 1st place Project: "Boards & Branches -- Year 5: A Continued Study." International Science & Engineering Fair qualifier (1 of 2 statewide); $2500 UW Tuition scholarship; Wyoming State Science Fair
Sweepstakes winner ($250); Wyoming Mining Assoc. Scholarship ($500), American Meteorological Society Outstanding Achievement Award. David received an all-expenses paid trip to the International Science and Engineering Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana, in May.

Keegan Latta, Zoology 1st place

Tyler Straley, Environmental Science 2nd place Bill Barlow Youth in Conservation Award

Logan Maclean, Engineering 3rd place Yale Science & Engineering Association Outstanding Exhibit Award; US Navy & Marine Naval Science Award; US Army Outstanding Science Achievement Award

Stephanie Pape, Chemistry Honorable Mention

Lincoln Proud Botany 3rd place

Junior Science Fair Results
First Place Winners, $25.00 prize
Lizzy Cooney, Behavioral Science
Cody Gardipy, Biochemistry
Emily Johnston, Botany
Kassey Braun, Chemistry
Maggie Hudlow, Engineering
Tracey McCarty, Environmental Science
Anna Harrower, Medicine and Health
Ashley Sour, Microbiology
Ethan Proud, Zoology
Amy David
Jayne Thompson Teams

Second Place Winners, $15.00 prize
Kristin Corwin, Behavioral Science
Laney Johnston, Botany
Paden Fairbanks, Earth Science
Jordanne Steege, Math
Jake Brunette, Microbiology
Haley Farrand, Zoology

Third Place Winners, $10.00 prize
Gus Holz, Engineering
Ethan Wolaver, Biochemistry

Sweepstakes Winners, $250 prize
Jayne Thompson/Amy David
Runner-up Sweepstakes Winner $100 prize
Kassey Braun

Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge Winners:
Jayne Thompson
Amy David
Emily Johnston
Kassey Braun
Paden Fairbanks
Tracey McCarty
Ethan Wolaver
Lizzy Cooney

Pinedale Online > News > March 2006 > Science Fair Results

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