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Pinedale Online > News > March 2006 > Pinedale Snow Birds, where are you?

Texas Pelicans. Photo by Cyd Goodrich.
Texas Pelicans
Pinedale Snow Birds, where are you?
March 10, 2006

Each year, many of our local residents "snow bird" to warmer climates to spend the cold winter months and avoid the Wyoming winter. We are happy to see them return each spring after the snow melts and temperatures warm up.

Recently we heard from a couple of them, who sent photos, and we thought we’d ask our other Snow Bird readers if they would like to write and tell us where you’ve been this past winter.

Cyd Goodrich, Pinedale Properties, has been enjoying the warm weather of Rockport, Texas, and hanging out at the beach. She does miss the Wyoming skiing!

Burleigh Binning is in the Philippines and keeps touch with Pinedale via the webcams. He is enjoying watching the icicles form on the NAPA store. Winter there was about two weeks long the beginning of January, and now it is spring with temperatures in the 80s and 90s every day. Mangos from a 300 year-old mango tree fall on his bungalow roof top every night.

We’d love to hear from more of you Snow Birds! Send us an e-mail and a photo! Let us know where you are spending the winter and send a picture of you or a unique feature of where you are spending the winter. If you wish, share a quick note about what you’ve been doing this past winter that we can include and tell us what your connection to Pinedale is. We’ll post a story and the photos soon from who wrote in.

Texas Shore. Photo by Cyd Goodrich.
Texas Shore
Near Rockport, Texas. Photo by Cyd Goodrich.

Rulands in Florida. Photo by Hank Ruland.
Rulands in Florida
Hank & Debi Ruland spent time in Texas and Florida. "Homasassa Springs Florida, lots of Gators and Manitees," said Hank.

Katrina casualty. Photo by Hank Ruland.
Katrina casualty
A house hit by hurricane Katrina near Gulf Shores, Alabama. Photo courtesy Hank & Debi Ruland.

Burleigh in Phillipines. Photo by Burleigh Binning.
Burleigh in Phillipines

Life in the Phillipines. Photo by Burleigh Binning.
Life in the Phillipines
Pinedale Online > News > March 2006 > Pinedale Snow Birds, where are you?

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